Two villains, one girl, and a deadly battle for happily ever after.

Evangeline Fox ventured to the Magnificent North in search of her happy ending, and it seems as if she has it. She’s married to a handsome prince and lives in a legendary castle. But Evangeline has no idea of the devastating price she’s paid for this fairytale. She doesn’t know what she has lost, and her husband is determined to make sure she never finds out . . . but first he must kill Jacks, the Prince of Hearts.

Blood will be shed, hearts will be stolen, and true love will be put to the test in A Curse for True Love, the breathlessly anticipated conclusion to the Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy.

Audiobook review

4,5 stars

Narrator: Rebecca Soler

Don’t read this review if you haven’t read the first two books or you’ll be spoiled!

In the first book of the series, Once Upon a Broken Heart, I opened my review with:

My first thoughts are that this story is so beautiful, candid, poetic. I feel like a little girl listening to fairytales before bed, with stars in my eyes. Enchanting!

But the light and merry world filled with tiny dragons and beautiful dresses will morph slowly into a worrisome universe where hidden players have secret agenda and don’t hesitate to curse and kill to further them.

You don’t have the magic of Caraval but it had a fairytale and enchanting feel to it that I loved as much!”

Well the more we progress in this series, the less it feels like a fairytale and more like a nightmare for Evangeline!

The book opens right where we ended in The Ballad of Ever After ended: with Evangeline having her memories stolen by Apollo.

Imagine, “waking up” to someone saying he is your husband, looking like a dashing prince but having no recollection of your past life in the last months!

Evangeline doesn’t even know how she cam to be in the Magnificent North!

She just knows that even if her husband is a prince, and very alluring, her heart feels broken a shouts “danger, danger”!

And she will be in great danger! Nearly dying too!

Despite what her husband clearly wants, Evangeline is determined to regain her memories, even if that means going behind her husband’s back!

Also there is the matter of Apollo hating Jacks! He made him into a villain and the most dangerous criminal in the kingdom!

Add to this all that there is a second villain that I won’t say more and this is a somber tale.

If we still have stories, magic, villains and Evangeline’s hope for a happily ever after, I couldn’t help but mourn a little the candor and poesy of the first book, even if we  have a huge character growth, from Evangeline and from Jacks!

And Jacks remains one of my most favorite morally grey characters.

Stephanie Garber’s imagination knows no bounds and she sure knows how to spin a tale!

I totally recommend that series!

Thanks for reading!


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