Hi friends,

This post will be done very quickly because I am so drowning in work yet I was tagged by Alexandra and wanted to answer her questions.

I know that if I don’t answer right away to a tag I tend to forget!!!

Let’s dive in her questions:

1.What’s the farthest you’ve ever travelled on holiday?

You have to know first that I have fear of flying! I admire Abigail, an other blogger who is a flight attendant! I am sweating and trembling each time that I have to take the plane.

But I wanted to visit Uncle sam’s country. And one of my favorite groups Nickelback launched a song “What are you waiting for”. It was a revelation!

The proverbial kick in my rear that I needed to book my flight!

We went twice. The first time we landed in San Francisco and the second time in Denver.

Right now I am trying to plan for our third visit!


2.What mythical animal would you have as pet if they were real?

This is a no brainer: a dragon! And if it could be Abraxos I would be in heaven because he is da best!

There would (only) be the (little) problem of housing such a fine beast … can’t really ask him to sleep in the dog house right?


3.If you could go to Mars tomorrow, would you go?

Oh hell No! See fear of flying here above so being launched in space, in a shuttle for months! Then land on an arid soil and not being able to breath without a suit? Not my idea of fun!


4.You find Aladdin’s lamp and are granted only one wish what would it be?

As cliché or corny as it seems I would wish to save our planet and stop that craziness. Because I think we’ve been gifted something unique and truly beautiful adn it saddens me enormously to witness what we are doing to our world.


5.You can take only one item with you on a lifeboat, as your cruise ship sinks in the Med, what would it be?

I am before anything a practical person so I would say a huge tank of fresh water. To wait for the next not sunken boat to rescue me. This is a life or death situation so forget ereaders (I would not be able to load it) or knife (what for?) and even less nail polish!


Pfew done 😉 Sorry for the short post!


Thanks for reading!


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    1. Bwahahaha yes Brittany I loved Denver. But don’t be angry my favorite city in Colorado (that we visited because we could not see them all) was Durango!

  1. A pet Dragon? Fear of flying, and what? A tank of water in a life-raft? Definitely the most practical and yet, unpractical person I know online, Sophie. I love that you want a pet dragon! lol

    I can just see the curtains going up in flames every time the baby Abraxos burped! 😉

    And I’m glad you took the leap of faith, and got on a plane. xxx