A prophecy of death. A weapon of hope. A sacrifice of love.

Arwen Valondale is sailing for the mysterious Kingdom of Citrine after the battle of Siren’s Bay. Reeling from shocking revelations and her newfound powers, Arwen directs all of her pain and rage toward the man who betrayed her: King Kane Ravenwood.

Kane’s presence is unavoidable as he travels with Arwen and her friends to seek the Blade of the Sun, a legendary weapon inextricably tied to her fate and the future of the realm. Even an uneasy truce proves difficult as Arwen fights against her unresolved feelings for Kane, who is willing to become darkness itself to protect her.

As Arwen faces creatures, foes, and magic beyond her wildest imaginings, she must discover the secrets of her past to defeat the monstrous Fae king Lazarus. But finding the light within might mean the death of her and everyone she loves.


4 stars

Thank you to Kate Golden for sending me the ARC of that much awaited sequel!

In A Dawn of Onyx I said that we had:

*enemies to lovers trope;
* a “who did this to you” hero (that is all the rage on social media at the moment);
*fae and fantastical beasts;
*character growth ;
* also secrets and mysteries around the main character

Well this is still true in A Promise of Peridot but add to it:


*slow burn leading to a LOT of spice in the sex scenes!

What’s to like in A Promise of Peridot?

I still love her  as she still finds joy and relief in healing others but she will have even more depth in this sequel! Look at the character growth below!

2)The character growth.
By the end of A Dawn of Onyx, we had an emboldened Arwen, trusting in her abilities. She’s been put to the test and came victorious. From mouse to warrior.

In A Promise of Peridot, Arwen is still a warrior but she also is deeply conflicted! She knows now of her fate and finds it unfair! Of course she wants to save everyone from king Lazarus but she also wants to live! She wants to have a future! So she will be constantly torn between chasing her destiny and fearing it.

3)The mystery surrounding Arwen.

We will finally learn what Arwen really is and how she came to be it. But there are still unanswered questions that I guess will be addressed in the next and last instalment!

4)The slow burn/redemption trope
From Enemies to Lovers we are now on a slow burn/redemption trope! Kane has lied to Arwen and has manipulated her! So the attraction and trust she felt for him are now damaged! Kane has some groveling to do (I love a good groveling) and Arwen has to find it in herself to forgive him.

5)The friendship.
The friendship between Arwen and Maryis still going strong and I love their shenanigans!

Know that A Promise of Peridot is darker even then a Dawn of Onyx as Arwen is grieving her mother. She is also shocked by what she has done in her desperate outburst and is raging against her destiny. It also ends on a big cliffhanger!

A Promise of Peridot is for you if you like romantasy, fae, slow burn, redemption, and a prophecy trope.


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