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When I launched the idea of hosting posts from bloggers and authors to celebrate romance and love, I had no idea what some of you would send. Honestly I am humbled by all that you chose to share and today I am floored by Trisy’s choice!

If you know her you must get that choosing to write about her wedding years and years ago to the man who has walked alongside her for a long time now has a special meaning. They both are fighting a hard battle and I want the last part of her post to become a reality.

Thank you for going out of your comfort zone today Trisy and morphing into a romance writer!

Without further ado, let’s read what Trisy wrote!

On This Day

It seems she had been waiting for this day her whole life and Yet, she was only 19.

She felt like she was standing on a great precipice, on the verge of Something huge, Scary and exhilarating.

Her dress was made of fine silk, heavy and old, with hand sewn tiny crystals catching the flickering candlelight. The train that trailed behind her made her steps heavy as if she hesitatated to walk down the disle. But that was the farthest from the truth.

Her hand gripped her Daddy’s elbow and she felt like she couldn’t breathe, but she was almost panting.

The girl’s vision narrowed down to the young man Standing at the end of the aisle. She didn’t see her friends and family standing in the pews, nor notice the beautiful roses weighing down the bouquet in her hand. She couldn’t hear the clear voice singing Ava Maria in the background, wasn’t aware of her adorable niece in her lovely green dress walking in front of her.

No, all her focus was on the handsome man Standing tall with pride before the minister.

And as she came to a stop before him, she gazed into his chocolate colored eyes and felt her heart fluttering uncontrollably. The girl, who was about to become his wife, didn’t feel the tears that slowly ran down her cheeks, making tracks in her carefully applied make-up. But She noticed the man’s rich brown eyes light up, the tilt of his lips as he smiled at her. She felt the barest touch graze her face as he gently wiped up the moisture with the pad of his thumb.

And finally, she felt at peace, she felt loved, she felt whole; because when she closed her eyes, she wasn’t in the chapel about to say, “I do.”

In her mind’s eye, she was no longer a young woman. She was old, her hair gray, her face wrinkled as she grasped hands with his. And she smiled because She knew she was looking into their future. The future she’d have with the love of her life. On this day...

Trisy’s word

Hey y’all… I hope you enjoyed my Story! When Sophie asked for a Post about romance, I thought of a hundred things I could say. I mean, I am a ROMANCE BOOK BLOGGER after all. But I didn’t want to just post a few memes or book quotes or song lyrics. So, I decided to step out of my box and write about something more personal. And I couldn’t think of anything more romantic than my own wedding day, a whopping 24 years ago (almost). I just hope I did it some justice! Have a fabulous day!


Trisy’s bio

Hey y’all! Welcome to my crazy world! My name is Trisy. I am a stay at home mama to three boys, three cats, my Chihuahua and my hubby. I’m a romance junkie who loves LOVE and a good happy ever after. I love freebies, giveaways, chocolate, coffee, napping, reading and music…not necessarily in that order!


You can find her:

Blog: https://bobosbookbank.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bobos_Book_Bank

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BobosBookBank/

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Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more posts tomorrow!


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