Hi dear friends,

Today is Sunday, and I am back from my business trip! Yay! Time to have a chat with you about what happened in my life and on the blog last week, linking back to The Sunday Post @caffeinatedreviewer!

As we are at the end of the month I will combine today’s post with a monthly wrap-up

In my private life first

This month has been exhausting and eventful to say the least!

It began with a one week on site training filled with mad days and ended up with my husband having a surgery!

Two Sundays ago I explained how I spent my Saturday at the ER after my husband fell from his mountain bike in a quarry. This week he had to see the specialist on Monday and called to tell me he would have a surgery on Wednesday!

Wednesday was crazy as I had to drive him to the hospital and register him in the morning, go grocery shopping twice (the cupboards were empty after all the running at the ER etc.), driving my dog to and from the dog groomer, driving my daughter to and from her math teacher and …well you get the idea!

On Thursday I went to drive my husband back home and since he’s been in a lot of pain! It’s not easy living under the same roof as he is moaning (he hurts), I can’t sleep in the same bed for fear of hurting him (the couch has a new body indent), he can’t do anything so we have to help him for everything.

On Thursday I was also expected to attend my daughter’s annual theater play (I went diligently).

Needless to say that I had barely the time to blog hop every two days, nor answer promptly to your comments (once more).

When in time of stress my coping mechanism is humor and creativity.

That’s why I posted the book mini me on Instagram (thanks for your votes last week) and also why I made colored and scented bookish candles yesterday (again). I am only waiting for the print shop to open next week to have my stickers printed and post new pictures!

Pfew, that was it for this week!

On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

As this week is a monthly wrap up, let’s talk about the books that I have read and select a winner!

I have read eight books this month, not so bad considering my chaotic life! All were four stars or more except one three stars but for personal pet peeves reasons. Yet that last one was revealing in the exchange I had with the author, Olivia Wildenstein as she showed her true colors: that of a great lady and a good sport!

A Pack of Vows and Tears by Olivia Wildenstein  (3 stars see above)

The Book Boyfriend Bargain by Ilsa Madden- Mills (4 very good sportsromance stars with a tender hearted alpha!)

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard (4 stars for a very well executed YA book broaching mental illness)

Twisted by Aleatha Romig (4,25 stars, mafia alpha and part of the Ultimate Reading Challenge with May’s topic: one word title!)

A Five-Minute Life by Emma Scott (4,5 stars of a romance with a very unusual topic and deeply moving characters)


And I have three favorites this month!

One Contemporary Adult, one YA Science Fiction , one Fantasy audiobook!

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang is a 5 stars all along. Helen Hoang has the knack to write incredibly real and moving characters! I love Esme and I thank Helen Hoang for opening my eyes to the condition of immigrants.

Aurora Rising BY Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman was a stellar 5 stars and I NEED the sequel NOW (I am also in love with Kal 😀 )

The City of Brass by SA Chakraborty deserves even more than the 5 stars I gave it! It’s imaginative, brilliant, exotic and I am currently listening to its sequel (and anticipating a huge book hangover!).

Now this month I’ve managed to post a discussion post every Thursday (I hope I’ll do it for many more months) and last week was all about my tips on how to read a series if you are a forgetful reader like me!

This Top 5 Tuesday was about our favorite summer reads (and I think Calendar Girls on Monday will be about the same topic so I’ll have to get creative!)

On the blogosphere and in the bookish world

Epic reads shows some of the most anticipated June reads

Then for my friends who love a good ghost or chilling story, take this quizz!

I am sorry, no link to other blogger’s posts this week as my blog hopping was really hard due to this week’s circumstances! I’ll do better next week, promise!


Now do tell me all about your week and leave me some days to answer back considering my crazy life right now.

Thanks for reading!






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  1. I know your hubby is ok and I am really glad. I know how stressful that all must have been. You are such an amazing women. You need a super long vacation!


  2. I hope your husband recovers quickly!! Your week sounds like it was super stressful and hectic and I hope you are able to relax more this next month! (or at least get some time to yourself!)

  3. I’m exhausted just reading about your week! Are you (past) ready to collapse yet? Sorry that your husband ended up having to have surgery. Hopefully he recuperates quickly and isn’t in much pain. No surprise that The Bride was one of your favorites in May. Such a good one! I hope this week is less eventful, my friend!

  4. In all this whirlwind of crazy activity, I hope amid the chaos you’re still taking good care of you too. I’m sending you all my positive vibes and thoughts. And hope that your Hubby isn’t in pain for too much longer. I feel for you both. Big hugs! ❤

  5. Sophie, I’m pretty sure you need a holiday from your life!! Also, I can’t believe you read 8 books over that horrible sounding week, I only read 7 books last month!! You’re an inspiration to me every time I read your weekly updates

    1. A holiday from my life! That’s a brilliant idea Meeghan!!! LOL Thank you for your encouraging words my friend! xoxo

    1. Of course I had my cape! And my stripped short and my diadem 😉 can’t you see them Sam? Thanks you!!!

  6. I don’t know how you do it, Sophie. I know your posts take time to put together because you make them so fun and entertaining. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery and a less stressful week ahead for you!

    1. Well Laura and I don’t know either how YOU do with two jobs right now! 😉 Thank you so much!!

  7. Many good vibes heading your way not only for the speedy recovery of your husband but for You. Your’e run ragged and hopefully things will ease soon. You need a break as you’ve been running running running for weeks. Hugs