Today is Sunday time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week . I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer . 

As it’s the first Sunday of April, I’ll also double up with a monthly wrap-up.

In my private life

Happy Sunday!

Two weeks ago, I talked about my week from hell at work. How close from burnout I was and that I had asked for an appointment with a psychologist.

This Wednesday was the date of my appointment and it was a good first meeting.

I came with homework to do: writing my limits.

As I’have always been a straight A student and growing old does not seem to change that pattern, I did my homework the first day already LOL

And it seems that my limits are not so much the amount of hours I work as the lack of respect and the attempt at manipulating me.

I can’t stand the lack of respect, not for me nor for my teams. We do an extremely difficult job with huge responsbilities, personal responsibilities and a lack of respect is certainly not something we deserve.

I also am furious when someone tries to manipulate me in thinking that “it’s normal (to work extra hours for months, to work on weekends)”, or that “we are not flexible enough ” etc. When you think of it, we are complaining that I do my job with too much care because I want to avoid nasty consequences! That’s so illogical!

Employers used to complain when people did a bad job, didn’t care, were absent all the time etc. Nowadays, employers complaint when people put too much care in their job.

How the world has gone awry…

Anyway, back to lighter things, I am still preparing my holiday with hubby and I will offer him two options: a roadtrip to Cornwall and a stay in south Normandy. We’ll see what he’ll decide.

I know that he already compained when I told him he had to ask for a new passport as UK is now outside Europe. He was all grumbling LOL

As usual, I am leaving you with two reels. I think they’ll be a recurring theme:

The first one is my husband trying to guess the plot based on the cover. I laughed so hard!

And the second is having people guess the book based on the first line. I’ll make it into a First Line Friday on Instagram instead of the blog.

Have you guessed the book without looking at the comments? LOL

On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the text)

I wrote three reviews this week and have at least four more to write! One was an unpopular opinion, one is in French (but the book is a translation so you can buy it in English. It’s excellent historical fiction with spiritism, the lack of women’s rights at the beginning of the 20ies century and a crime/thriller!).

And the third one is an excellent historical fiction with bootleggers! It’s also a “Book of the Month”s choice.

That’s it! Thank you for reading!


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  1. Setting your limits is indeed so important, seems like it was already a good first visit! Both holiday options sound great, I’m wondering myself what your husband will choose, haha :D

  2. Sounds like you learned quite a bit even after just one appointment. That’s great! Nice that you’ve narrowed down the holiday options. Interested to hear what your husband chooses. :)

  3. It’s important to set limits otherwise people/work tend to take advantage. Hope your employer respects the limits!

  4. I’m all for setting limits, Sophie. Sounds like a good start. Your husband’s guesses at the story gave me such a laugh – I’d hate to hear what mine would come up with. Have a great week!

  5. I hear you when you complain about lack of respect in the workplace, especially when people give their utmost effort to their assigned tasks and that effort is neither recognized nor appreciated, but simply taken for granted. It’s worse than unfair, it’s almost criminal….

  6. It is too bad that your work environment is the way it is. Setting limits sounds like a good thing. I love asking my husband random things about my books. I hope that you have a great week!

  7. I absolutely agree with you regarding the lack of respect. My sister worked in a pharmacy right through the pandemic and the way she was sworn at and spoken to by some of the drug addicts coming in for their methadone was appalling. Worse, her manager never supported the staff and on one occasion when a fight broke out in the shop – he locked himself in his office and left the two female counter staff to deal with it on their own. In the end, she needed to leave on the grounds of ill health, but what she had to put up with profoundly shocked me. I hope you get some help with your issues at work, Sophie!

  8. I am happy that your first meeting with the psychologist went well!! And I really hope that you would get a lot of good out of it!!
    And I feel you about the respect and the manipulation!! I hope this week will be less stressful!

  9. I’m glad you had a good first visit with the psychologist. Limits are so important and they are different for every person. What your limits are might not be what other people’s limits are, so it is important to state your limits or find a place that respects them! Good luck!

  10. haha look at you being good with your homework!!! I hope your meetings with your therapist go so well! It definitely makes a difference. I loved what a great sport your husband was in the vids. And hope whatever he decides for a vacation is FUN for you both! Have a fabulous week Sophie!

  11. I’m so sorry you’re being treated poorly at your job, but I’m glad you’re taking steps to change things. Good luck, and I hope your week it less stressful!

  12. It’s unfortunate employers are always trying to squeeze every last ounce from employees. They asked me more than once when one of our metrics was too high to do someone else’s job for overtime. I passed. I don’t work overtime. That’s the boundary I have set and probably the result of 30+ years of therapy. Good luck with everything and have fun planning your getaway.