Hi dear friends,

I am so screwed this whole month of Febuary with the Top 5 Tuesday!

Sorry to be blunt but Shanah @bionicbookworm had the *not* brilliant idea to have us choose HP *Harry Potter for the newbies* house’s reads! That means: one week about Gryffindor’s house reads (that’s today), one week about Ravenclaw, one week about Hufflepuff and one week about Sylterin.

And that’s where my problems began as I had no idea, even with Shanah’s description what read would be what house!

Seriously I am already amazed with all the bloggers able to say “if you liked this you’ll like that” so let’s not talk about house’s similarities!


Shanah very helpfully explains that Gryffindor:

“Are experience oriented, honest, practical, blunt, passionate, playful, funny, trusting, idealistic, stubborn and procrastinators. They live in the moment, don’t take themselves seriously, are wary of manipulators and liars, have a strong moral centre, and are unafraid to seize opportunities and make changes.”

But I was not despairing yet.

I have a secret asset when confused about something book related: my kids!

I asked Mini Me: “Give me some reads that would feel like belonging to Gryffindor” there was a deep silence, soon followed by a sigh and a “Seriously mom you have such questions! I’ve had a hard day at school and I must do my homework so figure it out alone.”


I took it as a no and a “Sophie you are on your own this week. Basically: screwed!”

As I don’t like to fail I began taking the test and finding which house I’d be in. Just to have a feel and more informations about today’s topic.

You can take the test here: https://www.pottermore.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/the-sorting-hat

or even there http://time.com/4809884/harry-potter-house-sorting-hat-quiz/

I did both quizzes and ended up with the same result Gryffindor!

After re-reading Shanah’s description of Gryffindor’s qualities and character’s trait I climbed the stairs to look at my book shelves and selected what I hope will be apt choices today.

First choice: The Mortician’s Daughter by CC Hunter

Because Riley may be frightened by her ability to see ghosts she will face it like a pro! And as there is no “101 handguide to handle ghosts”she’lle have to learn experiencing everything! She also has great banter and certainly does not think she is the best person to fill in that role! She also is a wee bit stubborn.

I think she would be a great addition to Gryffindor’s house!


Second choice: A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

Because Harper is facing every ordeal head first! Mind you she has cerebral palsy but was determined to climb down a tower “Rapunzel sans hair style” just clutching the vine! She is also fleeing a castle on the king’s horse’s back. And facing armed soldiers to protect a poor family while she is unarmed…If that’s not being courageous I don’t know what is!

She holds her ground and can banter like the bests. She has to learn everything on the spot as she is catapulted in a magical realm whereas she lived in our “unmagical” world. She had to adapt and think quick on her feet just to survive.

I think the sorting hat would tell her to go to Gryffindor!


Third choice: Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre

Because Zara Cole is just perfect for that house! She had to evade gangsters, blend in and adapt. She attracts problems with a big “P” like Harry always had bad guys trying to kill him. She is kind hearted and courageous.  She had to learn very quick to be selected as Honor and she has some sarcastic comeback. She is a rule breaker. Never to be fooled because life gave it harsh and she’s learned not to take everything at face value. She is the one unearthing secrets! Wizz kid messing with mechanics and assembling home-made weapons she is street smart and is used to fight to survive, to flee and outsmart her opponents.
Even big bad Leviathan elders don’t deter her from helping and protecting her friends.
Smart, courageous she also is deeply compassionate and extremely loyal.

Basically: she would be in!


Fourth choice: Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff

Because Miss Fresh is a master at sarcasm and the deadlier the situation the funnier she gets! She looks baddies straight in the eyes. She is a rule breaker too, and has a perpetual devil may care attitude paired with big loyalty and fun banter. Her abilities make her a little witch alike as she can send  anything electrical on the fritz!

So what do you think? Great Gryffindor right?


Fifth choice: Slayer by Kiersten White

Because Nina had to make her place. She had always been considered as non important and she had to find a purpose in her life, stubbornly! She is the definition of “self learner” as she learned to heal people looking at every tutorial available and reading every medical books she could put her hands on (she reminds me of Hermione in her learning thirst). She doesn’t take herself seriously (chasing demons in unicorn pajamas) and is idealistic (she really wants a better world for all misfits and rejects).

Pfew I made it! Alone!




Now what do you think of my choices???? What reads would you put in the Gryffindor category?

Thanks for reading.



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  1. All of these are on my list to read and I have LifeLike and A Curse .. I will have to get the rest and read them at some point. You can talk about HP till the cows come home. I have no idea having never read a book or seen a movie. =)


  2. Huh, I don’t think I could do that! I’d sit paralyzed, trying to choose five. And you have to do this for each house?? Kudos and good luck!!

    I can see any Q-centric Star Trek book (I, Q, Q Gambit, Q Continuum series) as Slytherin, along with any book featuring an incarnation of Loki (I Bring the Fire by C Glock, Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris). Oh! Also A Stitch in Time by Andrew Robinson.

    How to Be a Stoic is definitely Ravenclaw.

    Feel free to snag those suggestions for future posts

  3. I love the asking of the child to help! I would have loved it if my mum had asked these random questions of me!!

    It’s a tricky topic if you don’t know where to start but you did a great job! I’m a total potter nerd so I squealed when I saw the subject but then I’ve been on the studio tour three times so far so maybe someone should send help….

  4. Good job coming up with your list all by yourself!!! Now you just have to do it three more times Good luck!! (and good choices for Gryffindor so I know you’ll be fine!)

  5. I’ve gotta say, that was kind of a bizarre prompt and I would have been left scratching my head. I *love* your mini me’s response, though! LOL He just can’t be bothered with your crazy questions. Hahaha! 🙂

  6. Ok I’m going to admit something that may horrify some of your readers Sophie…I’ve only ever watched the first HP movie and I’ve never read the books! GASP! Sorry, sweets but I’m absolutely no help whatsoever here, LOL! BUT…I think you picked some great books soooo….

  7. That’s awesome! I wouldn’t have an easy time picking books for each house. I haven’t heard of The Morticians Daughter, but the read are on my TBR.

    I’m slytherin, so curious what books would be picked for that.

    1. Hahaha I did not want to pinch her cheek but rather stomp out of the room sulking like a teenager myself Lili LOL

  8. For this *not* being your favourite topic, you did a stellar job with your choices! I think you’re just lying to all of us. Open up your closet and it will be filled with wands, cauldrons, and broomsticks! I know your secret………. mwahahahahaa

    1. Bwahahah a witch! I would love it Shanah! As I am a mom I could be a modern Samantha (Sam) with her husband Jean-Pierre and their daughter Tabatha LOL

  9. I feel you with these topics! I have no idea what to put in these ones so I just decided to go with books where characters have something in common with Gryffindors. 😀