Dear Reader,

Welcome to Beware Of The Reader blog. I hope you’ll feel at home!

My name is Sophie and I am a Belgian book blogger. I am way past young adulthood but forever 16 in my head.

True story: I fell in love with books when I was a very young child.

My father was always reading in his free time. I was Daddy’s Girl determined to be all grown up. I wanted to read serious books in the sofa! What began as a child’s play morphed into a devouring passion that’s never left me.

I’m very busy but a day without reading is a wasted day.

I read every single day, everywhere. I need it as much as breathing. I’ve even mastered the art of readwalking (no bruises yet)! I commute daily and people on the train are used to that mad woman either laughing alone or crying ugly tears.

Friend advice: long hair is a woman’s best friend when reading emotional stories as they can hide your “mascara running” eyes.

I’m so passionate about books that I hide on the gate if I spot some acquaintance just to go on with my read. I don’t want to lose my time chatting on the train. Sorry if you’re one of my friends but that’s the sad truth. I love you but after a long work day the only thing I can think about is resuming my read. If I’m at a turning point in the story or the book is so fascinating that even sleep is overrated don’t interrupt my read! Or proceed with extreme caution as I can easily turn into a ferocious beast.

Really, do you know any other way to be a nurse, an actress, a fairy, a kickass demon huntress or a warrior princess … all in the same week?

I love to share the love that’s why I write reviews since 2013. That year I discovered Goodreads. I was in Heaven. Some place to chat about books with people as obsessed as I was!

I don’t want this blog to be formal or too serious. At least not always. I want to swoon, rage, cheer… or rant if I need to
. Believe me I often need to vent about some crappy character or devious bad guy or…

Books are fun. They’re made to be experienced. They are the best way to travel the world, centuries and dimensions. Books make us escape reality.

They’ve been my constant companions for many years and this blog is my place to tell you all about my babies. I promise you honest Reviews, Best Of and Most Wanted.

Comments are welcome even if you totally disagree with my perception as long as they’re respectful. No need to go at war with each other life is violent and hard enough as it is. This is a place to relax and have fun.


Review Policy

How I review my books reflects what kind of person I am, that’s why I chose to include this section in my “About Me” page.


All books reviewed on this blog are personally purchased or received from authors or publishers in exchange for honest reviews. I want to keep my reviews unbiased and don’t get any payments from authors or publishers.

Books I Review

I read and review fiction preferably with some romance. I can read fantasy, historical fiction, mysteries, science fiction and paranormal as well as contemporary depending on the mood I’m in.

I always give honest reviews. If I did not like a book because it was not my cup of tea, I’ll say it as it is. On the other hand I will always try to see who could be interested in the book and give a few pointers to help other readers make their minds. If the auhtor did a crappy job I wont hide it but so far it’s never happened! I’ve the utmost respect for the hours, sweat and blood authors put in their books. It takes courage to publish something personal and be exposed to criticism. That’s like being naked! As I’ve never published a book myself you’ll always get honest but respectful reviews. Be warned: I can’t stand people bashing writers, readers or reviewers!

Everyone has his/her own taste and if a book is not to your liking that’s no reason to demolish the author.

I love debating about books and if you did not share my opinion it could make an interesting discussion. Reading is a personal journey.


5 stars and more :I’ve been blown away and could not stop reading the book. It was hazardous to ask me anything while reading as I morphed into fome feral beast when interrupted. It stayed with me long after I finished reading.The best examples are: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma (I cried like a baby and reinvented my own ending) and Making Faces by Amy Harmon (such extraordinary characters, graceful and thoughtful writing).

4 stars: I had a fantastic time reading the book but something felt wrong to just be perfect. It could be a character I could not relate to or some potential unexploited. I still would recommend the book in a heartbeat.

3 stars: it was en enjoying read but there is room for improvement. I was easily distracted. Not bad but not good either.

Less than 3 stars: as I’m quite easy to please as long as I’m reading my favorite genre it did not happen a lot. As it takes long hours to write a review from start to finish I won’t lose my time writing reviews for book deserving less than 3 stars. Maybe I’ll leave a short comment if any.