I never believed in fate. Destiny was something magical, something written in the stars. I was a world away from having that kind of excitement in my life.

I was alone, praying for a baby, that little miracle I could hold in my arms. My husband fought me at every turn, but I knew I would break him down one day. It was just a matter of time.

In the end, fate took the shape of my best friend and her husband, who were desperate for a baby. Desperate for that miracle, that hope, that joy in their lives. I wanted to give that to them. I wanted them to have the family they were striving for.

With my help, they would finally have everything they ever wanted.

On the day I found out their little miracle was coming, fate intervened again. It would turn my world upside down, shattering my life into a million pieces. It was on that day I realised things were about to become really complicated.



I don’t honestly know how to rate this one.

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What I can tell for sure is that Jaimie never tells the same story twice. Don’t expect “Dark Jaimie” here because you won’t find her. I would not tell its “Sweet Jaimie” either because there is a twist you won’t see coming in the multiple epilogues that will have you thinking “Oh wow! I never would have guessed. That’s twisted and unnerving”.

So let’s talk about my issues and have them out of the way.

The first 35% I could absolutely not stand Alice, our main female character. I hate doormat heroine and that’s what she was for her @hole of a husband. He was clearly deranged and a sex addict.
Ok she was a virgin when they met but what he did with her was clearly not acceptable. And yet each time she bended. She was self-sacrificing and offering to be a surrogate for her best friend. A Saint you say? An idiot I reply!

So I was mad with the heroine and I could not stand her husband either. I really thought I would not finish this book. Yet I went through and crossed my fingers.

Now at about 35% we go into the nitty gritty of this novel. Finally, something’s happening and it’s suddenly a new ballgame! I won’t say I loved Alice because I did not. I admired her sometimes, I pitied her, I cheered for her but I did not love her. The main reason was even if she stood up for herself she still was too “meek” and soft for my taste. Now tastes are always personal so you might end loving her. I found her too good if such a thing is possible. But that’s who Alice is so Jaimie stayed true to her character.

I loved Ethan, the good doctor. He was nearly too good to be true. And of course Sarah played the evil villain somehow. The one you’ll want to beat up and say “well deserved” for what will happen to her.

What saved the book really was the ending or even better the “after-ending” if it’s a word. I was taken aback and thought “WOW!”.

Now for all my complaint I’ve still read this book in one sitting today. So Jaimie must have done something right again. It’s always the same with me and her books, even those I don’t “love” I can’t stop reading them till the end because she has something that’s always compel me to read.

Now make up your mind with this one 😉 

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