What do you do when you have not just one hot boss, but two? And they both want you?

What will it take to make her theirs?

Bayli Styles leaves California wine country behind for the bright lights of New York City, in search of fame and fortune. However, fame and fortune are a little further out of reach than she had hoped, so to supplement her meager modeling income, she seeks a hostess position at Manhattan’s hottest new venue, owned by billionaires Rory St. James and Christian Davila. Bayli gets much more than she bargained for when both devastatingly handsome and magnetic men make her blood sizzle…and offer her the guiltiest of all pleasures–themselves.

Bayli is the perfect solution to the two problems currently plaguing entrepreneurs Rory and Christian, professionally and sexually. She’d make the ultimate -face- for their current joint venture, but both men are thinking beyond business and waste no time seducing Bayli into their brand of double pleasure. In the end, the threesome will put it all on the line–their bodies, their hearts, their souls–either destined for failure, or for the redefinition of true love.

This is a standalone menage romance with an HEA.

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An ARC has been kindly given by St Martin’s Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion

3,5 to 4 hot stars

I’m not usually reading erotic even less ménage but when the opportunity arises.. it’s good to go out of my reader’s comfort zone once in a while.

What you should know before reading this book:

-you’ll never watch Master Chef with the same eyes. You’ll always wonder if the only sizzling is happening in the hot pan or below the counter as well;
Bayli Styles had a way to make intimidating chef Rory’s blood boil the heat in the kitchen suddenly cranked up several levels.

-fairy tales don’t only happen in fairy books. Or at least very steamy fairy tales.
Bayli moved to New York in the hope to be recognized as a model but when she meets Rory St James and Christian Davila it will be a whole new level! She would never have dreamt to land such an opportunity as well personally as financially.
Her dark years taking care of her mother and paying huge hospital bills will soon be over. Better than Cinderella landing the prince charming. Bayli catches two princes for the price of one. Bayli 1 -Cinderella 0 😉

-shrimps and oysters can be astonishingly pleasuring to eat (says the author because I still would have to try oysters again);

-always be the best at what you do! Even models can earn brownie points learning their subject. Be a body and a brain! Bayli is a researcher or rather a compulsive researcher. If she has to model for an event about cigars she’ll memorize her subject and will be breathing sexy cigar facts in your ears;

-make sure to have your man at the ready. Or a cold shower whatever best suits you. Because the sew scenes are steamy hot!

So if you like billionaires, cranky chefs, ménages and strong willed heroines this should meet all your desires.


Buy Link ->http://amzn.to/2wIX8NX


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