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Today is the first post of the daily event “All About Love” and I chose to open the ball as today is my husband’s birthday!

As a thank you to my husband who’s been living with me for 24 years through high and low I’d like to tell you our story or rather how we met.

I’m not writer mind you but I hope that you’ll enjoy this special brand of fairy tale that I’ve called “Tinkerbell and the Cocky Guy”.


Tinkerbell and the Cocky Guy

Tinkerbell is known to be small *duh she is a fairy* and sassy. Well I am small 3 feet 2 inches and less than 100 pounds and my weapon of choice is sass and sarcasm! Give me wings and a green costume I should fit the bill.

When I met my husband I was 24 years old and on my first job. Our employer organized a special training for new workers and we gathered several days with other young and eager adults. We were ready to tackle the world and soon we would be the next CEO…or not.

I was at the coffee machine waiting for my much needed caffeine fix when I overhead a conversation happening between these young male recruits. What do men speak about aside sport and girls? That’s it you’ve guessed: cars!

One of them could not stop speaking of his new Honda Civic VTEC (Japanese sportcar produced years ago). He was tall, he had broad shoulders, rebel curls, big blue, blue eyes and could not stop boasting about his car!

One thing I can’t stand is Cocky Guys. It makes me want to take down a peg or two like I would need to scratch an itch!

My thoughts: “Ooooh but you are in for a big surprise Cocky Guy!”.

Sauntering to the group full of testosterone I asked “What car do you drive again?”.

“A brand new Honda Civic! VTEC” replied the guy all puffing chest and conquering smile.

With a saccharine smile and sweet voice I answered: “Oh that’s great. I drive a Corrado”. Bam! Instant deflated ego.

You have to know my car was Da Bomb at that time. It was a sportscar, red and top notch. What I did not add is that it was a gift from my daddy while he had worked to buy his car. Technicalities really.

Mission accomplished I got the upper hand! Tinkerbell one point!



Some days after we all met at a party in a farm.

I drove my bestie. We were all dolled up dressed to the nine with high heel and all. Here we come guys! All night long I teased Cocky Guy without mercy. I asked him if he “had spotted a girl” while I just knew that he found me attractive. But I was the Tease Queen aka Tinkerbell and I had a reputation to behold.

When the time came to go home I entered my sportscar, turned the ignition, pulled the break, pushed the gas pedal and … nothing. I did not move an inch.

I failed to notice the huuuuge puddle of mud I parked right in!

I was stranded. Utterly, completely stranded.



Tail between my legs I went inside to ask for help.

That’s when Cocky Guy made it his mission to enroll three other brave men to push and push till my car was freed. I was in pristine condition, not one stain while my saviors were drenched in muddy water.

The day after I was really remorseful. I had ridiculed this guy in front of his friends while he’s been helpful and played the role of the white knight.

I phoned his house to thank him *not because he had big blue eyes mind you* several time this day but he was away. I phoned so many times * smartphone did not exist yet* that his dad even asked him “What he’s done to have a girl phone the whole afternoon!”


Several days later I invited Cocky Guy at my apartment. He had earned special brownie points and would get a cake sprinkled with fairy dust as a thank you! It was going really well when he asked to use the bathroom. When he was not back fifteen minutes later I knocked at the door and asked “Everything is all right?” Answer “yes” on a muffled tone. Intriguing! What was he up to?

Never one to have unanswered question and true to nosy Tinkerbell I asked permission to enter. I discovered Cocky Guy seated on the toilet seat fixing my malfunctioning flush!


Let me tell you ladies when a guy does not shy to get dirty to help you out of the mud or out of the poop *sorry it gets messy* he is a keeper!


With starry admirative eyes I agreed to go on another date then another and…Tinkerbell married Cocky Guy two years later. She is known to keep his ego in check while he helps her out of trouble and repair her many mistakes with her blog or computer or…..

Their son is a fixer and their girl a sassy drama queen.

The road has been bumpy with many holes but the car was good and all is well in the world of Cocky Guy and Tinkerbell.


Morale of the story: never judge a book by its cover!


Thank you my husband for bearing with me and my not always easy personality!

Thanks for reading and I hope I did not bore you out 😉

PS: What happened to his car? He sold it years ago and is now driving a red two seater Mazda Miata.


Sophie’s bio

Sophie is a forty something Belgian working mom of two teenagers.
Managing two teams at work and a crazy bunch at home furry ball included was not enough for her ADHD tendencies. She began blogging on a dare and does it like everything else with utter enthusiasm. She has lived her former life as a cat and is always landing on her feet even when her blog is crashing down. Wait , no! That’s her IT hubs mojo operating after she’s bribed him with her infamous …chocolate cake.
When she is not busy reading, writing reviews interviewing/stalking authors or clumsily following her feed you can find her on the treadmill, in the woods or in the kitchen baking for her posse.




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  1. OMG! This is a great story. If this was a review this book would definitely go to my TBR and probably become one of my favorite books!

    1. Thank you Daisy and yes he is! That’s why we are still married some 24 years later ;-) Happy weekend to you too!

  2. Wow, I loved your story. It belongs to a rom com! I’m the same when I see a guy preening over trivial stuff; all I want is taking him down a couple pegs. Lol.

  3. WOW! That was such a great story! Thank you so much for sharing! For some reason I didn’t realize you’re Belgium! I live in South Texas USA so I thought you were Hispanic. (No more assuming Dani!) I adored you sharing the story of you starting your blog and this one was just as fun and cute. It’s so great you guys have been together for 24 years, congratulations! ♥️

    1. Thank you Dani and you are not too far as I look Hispanic with Olive complexion, light brown hair and dark chestnut eyes

    1. Haha I’m glad I made you laugh Malene! I did not plan to go first but the date was too perfect and I wanted this gift for my hubs! xoxo