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Today is day 12 of All About Love and we welcome a fantastic blogger: Angy Potter at Collector of Book Boyfriends.

I can honestly say that the woman is a machine! Always perky, never tired and doing the work of a thousand bloggers! If you have questions about blogging Angie is your girl!

Today she is speaking about young love!

Let’s dive in and a huge thank you Angy ♥♥♥

All About Love




First of all, I wanna thank Sophie for organizing this awesome St. Valentine’s feature and inviting me to participate and share my thoughts ALL ABOUT LOVE.


Before I begin, I’m gonna introduce myself. My name is Angélica, AKA Angy Potter, creator and blogger of Collector of Book Boyfriends. My taste in books and book boyfriends has evolved during the years. I’ve read new adult, rom-com, paranormal, suspense, contemporary romance, young adult, and more. I’ve loved wizards—my first and eternal book boyfriend, Harry Potter—, vampires, billionaires, bikers, lawyers, fighters, firefighters, and more. My most recent obsession is YA and teen book boyfriends, so I decided to dedicate this guest post to them, to YOUNG LOVE.


What is it about young love that makes it so beautiful? Young love is innocent, intense, protective, dramatic and true. Especially when it’s the first love.


Those are the aspects I always look forward in a YA book, and exactly what I found in Worst Case by Beck Anderson and Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry.



Read my review here.


Worst Case brings the story of Vivi and Win. Vivi has been an overprotected daughter all her life, so her experiences have been limited to what her mother think it’s safe for her. On the other hand, Win’s parents have given him a healthy freedom and the chance to live and experience so many good things in his life. So, their relationship was challenging in so many ways. They helped each other to face fears, accept the things that happened in the past and prepare for a good future.


My favorite innocent moment: Their first kiss!! It was beautiful.

My favorite intense moment: Their first real date.

My favorite protective moment: The fire.

My favorite dramatic moment: Sharing the truth about her mother.

My favorite true moment: HEA!


“I’m glad, really glad you made it to the bus stop today. I like this a lot more with you here.” I can feel my cheeks getting hot with the admission.
Win smiles. “I like this more with you, too.”


Read my review here.


Say You’ll Remember Me features the against-all-odds love between Drix and Elle. Drix is the bad boy and Elle is the good girl. Drix is the criminal and Elle is the perfect daughter. Drix knows what he wants in his life but has no chance to make it happen and she has her life planned by her controlling parents. They come from different worlds and being together would have been impossible if it wasn’t for Drix’ mistakes. But nothing is white or black in life, and Drix and Elle blended perfectly once they knew each other.  


My favorite innocent moment: When they were holding hands.

My favorite intense moment: The first night they spent together.

My favorite protective moment: Drix and Elle making sacrifices and fighting for each other.

My favorite dramatic moment: Elle confronting her parents.

My favorite true moment: HEA.


Have to admit, the girl put the fear of God into me. She had the most intimidating blue eyes. Eyes that made my heart pound, eyes that made me feel like she saw past my skin and into every crack, crevice and shadow. Eyes that made me feel alive. Eyes that also made me want to hide.


I’m always left with a huge book hangover.

I’m a fail fan-fic writer and these kind books always make me wanna write about their future.

I love the lack of sex in YA books, instead I look forward the intensity of their hormones.


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Now dear reader do you love Young Adult? What makes it so special to you?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great blog name 🙂 I love it!

    I like YA romance because there is usually so much more to the story than just the romance and that makes the romance aspect so much better!

    1. So true Brittany! It’s a genre I discovered with …Harry Potter. I was the first surprised to love a book aimed at readers from the age of 7! YA is a fantastic genre 😉