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Today’s contribution comes from a dear blogger friend Sonya @chatterbooks book blog

She chose to speak about her favorite couple in romance.

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Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of reading about some of the best couples in romance history. Some of their love was heartbreaking, some of it was forbidden, and the rest? Well let’s just say.. it was down right chaotic. But if it’s one thing that ALL of these couples had in common, is that they loved each other with passion. And that my friends, is a key ingredient to having an everlasting love.


For my favorite couple, I chose Naz and Karissa from “Monster in His Eyes” by J.M Darhower. 

I’m all for pushing the boundaries a little bit when it comes to my romance stories and nothing says that more than having a forbidden romance( of sorts). I loved everything about their romance and their reluctance to explore a foreign feeling between them. Naz was this brooding alpha male who didn’t want anything that was permanent and had an entire closet filled with skeletons to the brim and he owned it. But from the moment Karissa entered his life, all bets were off and seeing his evolution in trying to become this better man for her, is what made this book extremely special for me.  You literally felt their chemistry when they were both in the same room and don’t even get me started on the actual deed! I was looking around for the fire extinguisher while trying stick my head in the freezer at the same time. I’m a multi tasker, what can I say. 


There are a million different types of loves. Some are unconventional and messy, and some just make your heart beat a million times faster than the normal rate. But when you’re lying next to that person in bed, you don’t think about the mess or whether it was socially acceptable to love them. You look at them and think, the hardest love, turned out to be the BEST love.


Sonya’s Bio

Sonya is a 27 year old mom of one and a full-time bookaholic. She loves books that makes her heart race, keeps her on the edge of her seat and most importantly, makes her FEEL. Always looking for her next big epic read, to say reading is like a second job,would be an understatement.

You can find her blogging at:





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  1. oh wow!!! I have never heard of this book but I love everything about it from what you were telling us. I do love romance and seeing two people fight for the right to be together no matter what problems or “skeletons” that are in the closet.