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On our fouth day (already!) of All About Love we have Malene blogger extraordinaire @badanddirtybooks who chose to share how her love of romance books led her to blogging. Thing she never thought possible! And how incredible the blogger community is.

She is so generous that she added a giveaway because of course we love making other readers happy! Note that the entries will be added here on the blog AND on facebook. The winner will be drawn the day after the last day of All About Love.

Thank you Malene!


This giveaway is closed and the winner will be drawn in a few minutes. 😉


Here is what she wrote.

When I look back at the last two and half years I can honestly say, that I would’ve never thought that I would be where I am today when it comes to blogging and reading. My path took a turn back then. I read but not much and those books I did finish didn’t turn my world upside down. I honestly didn’t know much about the book community and what it meant to be a blogger. Those words had never crossed my mind.

I was introduced to the romance and erotica genre in 2015 and just read for the fun of it. To escape. Wrote reviews and posted them on Goodreads. Then one day in October 2015 a woman texted me on Twitter telling me she liked my reviews. I was humbled cause I just wrote those for me and if people could take away something from my words then I would be happy. This sweet and wonderful woman Trina had her own blog and was inviting me to be a part of her team. To be a blogger with all that would entail. What the heck is a blogger I thought and am I capable of it. I’m a novice. I Know nothing.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Trina took me under her wings , showed and introduced me to a whole new world. A world I today could not be without. Not only was introduced to authors and formed a friendship with some of them but also with other bloggers and readers. This book community is my safe haven. I love how we all come together to celebrate our love of books, their talented and gifted authors. How we bloggers support each other and even though we haven’t met one another it feels like we’ve been friends or was supposed to be friends from the very beginning. The respect and support in this community is incredible. We all come together because of our love for books and their authors. It’s an incredible and unifying feeling.

I’ve learned so much in the past two and half years. Now I read every day cause I crave the escapism within those words. To be moved by words and live in another world for just awhile. I love celebrating and rave about those books that take me on a high. Chat with other readers and fans about those fantastic books. I gain new friends because of those books. Those books that reaffirm my love of reading. I’m going to my first signing in February to meet authors and bloggers who I love and admire. This journey is only the beginning and I’m excited for what’s to come in 2018.

Thank you Sophie for asking me to participate.


I’m giving away an E-book for the price of 4.99 to one winner who comments on this post.


You can find Malene at Bad & Dirty Books : BLOG  FACEBOOK

A place to rant, rave ,and chat about our Bad & Dirty little secret…. Our love Bad & Dirty Books of course! And ahhh,*diabolically laughs* No! This isn’t your momma’s Fabio cover romance novel either.This is where we go FSOG and beyond……


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you are a blogger why did you choose to blog?

Thanks for reading!




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  1. Thats awesome how you became a blogger!! I too got my start sort of through goodreads. I started posting my reviews on there and I noticed that some reviews had links to blogs and through them I discovered book blogs and wanted to give it a shot!