Today is the last day of All About Love and my guest star is my own daughter. Mini Me. Julie.

You have to know that we are going through tough times with her big brother. My son has a huge heart and absorbs every emotions tenfolds. It’s not always been easy between these two. It’s still not easy.

For all the hurt she unintentionally gave him Julie would like to tell him that yes, she can be a brat. But if she’s made his life hell sometimes she never wanted to cause him pain. So this is Julie’s sisterly love letter to her brother.

What is love ? This word is known by everyone and I hear it everywhere in restaurants, at church, on the street when it’s raining, at the hospital… Confession: it’s giving me thrills and makes me dream. As soon as I hear it I got starry eyes. I’m familiar with my heart beating like a wild horse. Butterflies swarming in my stomach when a boy I love speaks or looks at me. I want to please. I want my crush to look at me with adoration.  So many variations of love. So much we can’t name them all. Our love is unique for every person.

Loving someone is being vulnerable. We are naked. He could destroy us. But he also gives us strength. This love can move mountains.

All our lives we are desperately looking for someone to love us. Love can destroy sometimes but we still want it because love is danger, love is adventure, love is uncertainty. It’s a path to be travelled and discovered. At its own rhythm with its own rules. It’s never easy but that’s love’s beauty: it is elusive.


Today I don’t want to speak about that kind of love. Not the love you feel for a lover. No. I want to speak about the love for your siblings.


My brother


This love is for someone who could be a twin and yet is so different.

He is kind when I want to be bad.

He is honest when I want to lie.

He is rational when I’m a dreamer.

He is sweet where I’m full of thorns.

He has a huge heart, sometimes too big with a place for everyone when I have walls around mine.

He is strong and smart.

He is the most beautiful person.

He’s got flaws, many. He is perfectly imperfect and that makes him human. His too many scars were left by loved ones. He courageously opened up his heart and got hurt by careless people. He is hurt, in pain, not like a hurt puppy alongside the road but like a courageous man who’ll get up again and again.


He is my everything. My best friend. He is my confidente but also someone who can hurt me. He is my brother.


Sixteen years together fighting like all siblings do. With laughters and rants. These ups and downs shaped both of us. They made us into young adults.


He is my big bro and I love him.



Julie’s bio

Julie is a sixteen something drama queen with a flair for all things related to words. Fashionista her dream was to become stylist. Growing older she now wants to save lives and become a doctor. She loves reading tons of books with a fondness for Sarah J Maas and has yet to recover for the “never to be published in French” fourth, fifth …books or the Throne of Glass series. Seriously what publishing house stops translating and publishing a kickass series after the first three ones?

She has a sweet tooth and her favorite dessert is white chocolate and rose cake. Don’t be fooled by her small size she has kick boxing classes every Monday.

And you dear friend do you have siblings? Did you fight? What does brotherly or sisterly love mean for you?


Thanks for reading!






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  1. Wow this is an amazing post. Julie’s letter brought tears to my eyes because I think relate. I have a brother and sometimes I think me being or acting like a bitch hurts him more. Loved this post. I hope Julie keeps writing. She is great with words. As the say like mother like daughter 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Mia! I will let her know all your kind words 😉 And I hope it will get better with your brother because sometimes we can be brats! Happy Sunday 😉

  2. Awww…it always amazes me, the love of a sibling. I have three sisters and a brother and we! Like physically hit each other! But now, my siblings are my best friends and I can’t imagine my life without them! Wonderful post, Julie!!

  3. Oh, how sweet and heartfelt this is! My younger brother and I are 8 years apart, so when he came into this world he really ruined my ‘princess’ lifestyle and got all of the attention because he was ‘the son’, if that makes sense. I was completely disinterested in him and pushed him away. I really was horrible when all he wanted was for me to be his friend. It’s my biggest regret, because that’s not even remotely the type of person that I am. Anyway, as he got older we had more and more in common, and I worked really hard to build our relationship and earn his forgiveness. Amazingly, we are now the best of friends, and I would do anything for him. Julie sounds like a wonderful young lady, and It’s so sweet for her to recognize and share her feelings of admiration and love for her big brother! Lovely post ladies!

    1. Thank you so much Daisy! I hope they’ll be best friends in a not so distant future too 😉 Thanks for sharing with me!

    1. Thank you so much Janine! My daughter has been asking “do people comment on my post? What do they say?” LOL

  4. I loved Julie’s letter! Being an only child I cannot say I know exactly what she means, and as I kid I was perfectly fine not having brothers or sisters as my best friend lived in front of us, but growing up I realized I would have liked to have someone so similar but also so different, to share parts of life with!