Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer .


In my private life

I’ll be quite short this week on what happened the past week as I want to focus on something special today.


So basicallt this week has been hell at work and I literally sent my boss a mail on Friday just saying that “I will blow a gasket”. For my Canadian friends or those living in Quebec, I wrote “Je vais péter un câble” which is a fitting translation.

Needless to say that I am very happy the weekend is here!


But hey, there are good things coming as I booked my tickets to go visit Steve McCurry’s exhibition end of July in Antwerp with a friend!

I love his pictures and Antwerp is a gorgeous town. Sharing this with a friend is truly the cherry on top!


OK let’s go to the thing I want to talk about with you all today! The Special Sunday Post edition: Praise for Indie Bookstores.

Last week on Instagram I got a message from @bookstoredaily. I post below what they asked me:

Hello Sophie! We’re releasing a bookstore documentary your followers might enjoy 🎥📚.

Our director is an indie author, and two years ago he was an Amazon diehard. Then he took a cross-country road trip to 50 independent bookstores in 50 days to promote his novel, and his Amazon allegiance started to change.

While following this bookish journey, the film gets to the heart of the “why shop indie?” question with dozens of bookseller interviews.

All money we raise with ticket sales (digital rentals, admission to the virtual premier, etc.) will benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.”

And …of course I shared in my stories!

But I thought it wasn’t enough.

I confess that I use Amazon or Bookdepository to order my books but that’s because I don’t have bookstores selling books in English close to my town. Yet I feel guilty as I know Amazon’s awful policies and how they treat their workers and people who are exploited in China. Also they are nearly killing every competition.

Every time I am in London or go to the US though, I stop at every small bookstore I see. To the utter despair of my husband but the great delight of my kids who are avid readers like me 😀 The conversation we have with the shop owners are so interesting!

There is nothing better than the smell of a bookstore. Entering a bookstore feels like coming home.

Add to this that I just finished reading “We are Inevitable” by Gayle Forman where Aaron and her dad Ira operate a used bookstore and despair on everyone ordering on Amazon and it really was a sign for me to share this trailer with you today.


If you go to @bookstoredaily feed on Instagram, you’ll  also get videos about fun facts on every bookstore he visited!

I am posting Tattered Cover bookstore as being in Colorado, that reminded me of my visit to Colorado when I visited…every bookstore! Enjoy 😀 .

In addition to these videos I am leaving here two links explaining more about the Book Industry Charitable Foundation:

OK I am stopping here to get to the classic “Sunday Post: on the blog below”.

On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

I posted two reviews for two very good books and one of them will certainly be on Goodreads list of “best Debut Novel”: The Firekeeper’s Daughter!



Thanks for reading and sorry for digressing this week!



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  1. Oh hope you’re having a better week now Sophie! It sounds like it was super stressful!
    I definitely depend on Amazon and Bookdepository too much so I love this post sharing some love for indie bookstores. I need to work on buying more from them!

  2. Sorry to hear you had a hectic work week! Hope it settles down for you.

    I do love independent bookstores and I try and buy something every time I visit one to help support.

  3. Ha! Ha! Don’t go blow any gaskets now will you, Sophie. Brits like to say, we will burst a blood vessel! ☺️ Oh, and I’m jealous of you going to Antwerp, it’s one of my all time favourite cities to visit. I have such fond memories of the place and food.

  4. Hope this is a better work week for you, Sophie, and glad you’re getting to travel soon. I really wish we had an indie bookstore locally. We have a B&N and the closest indie store is over an hour away. I still traveled there when they had in person signings for some fav authors.

  5. I know, it is so unfortunate, I’m in the US but my town literally has no indie bookstores, with the only one I knew of having closed last year because covid pretty much put them under 🙁 I pretty much have no choices but Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but whenever I travel I try to hit up any indie bookstores I can too!

  6. Sorry things were stressful at work. Hopefully next week is better! I am guilty of using amazon. There aren’t many independent bookstores around me and amazon is just so convenient. But, watching those clips have me determined to do better!

  7. Very cool, loved the video and it’s such a great idea. I have been buying more and more from independent bookstores all over the country and it makes me feel good, even if the prices are higher and the wait is longer.

  8. I hope next week is a better work week for you. I don’t want to be reading about you on the internet. LOL! That exhibit sounds great. It’s fantastic to have something to look forward to.

  9. I love bookstores but coming from a small town, I know why Amazon got to the size it is- customer service! Their service is second to none, and until other stores focus on this, they will continue to come up short.
    I’m so jealous that you get to see a Steve McCurry gallery! I have a full Pinterest board of his work- love him!

  10. I love this, this is amazing! I love bookstores and visiting them. In this time especially its so important to support small book businesses (my tbr can attest I do this!!!)

  11. Enjoy your weekend! I love bookstores but really I love libraries more. I purchase extremely few print books. When I go on vacations I sometimes go to bookstores but more often I visit libraries. They have the same wonderful book smell and a wide variety of books. They also often have Internet access but sometimes it is only for local residents.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post