I am so HAPPY to announce this: next month I’m partnering with Collectors Of Book Boyfriend in a daily book author challenge!


See below for the daily topics!

The graphics is Angy Potter’s creation. We had a video chat of about two hours between South America and Belgium last Saturday to work on it but honestly she did all the work. She is a whizz-kid with graphics and illustrations!

Please consider joining us it will be so much fun!

Happy Friday




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    1. Yes please! Just use the #BookAuthorChallenge so I may follow and like your posts easily if you post on Twitter and FB too πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh? I have no idea why???? You are the first to tell me this. Now maybe it has to do with me being on WP.org and not WP.com? I don’t have WP app so I can’t help you really. I hope you’ll still bear with me <3

  1. If it’s talking about favorite books that fit the criteria I’m up for it if I can do a weekly post… I can’t post daily so … if I can I’ll try to do the challenge with you guys.

    1. Michelle do what you can really It’s about the author fitting the topic like: Angsty means an author known for writing angsty books and you can illustrate with one of her angsty books πŸ˜‰

  2. What do you do for the challenge? Are you reading a book a day for each “type” of author? Are you doing author spotlights each day on your blog? This is intriguing! I may be interested in participating, depending on what is required :]

    1. Well Samantha you can do what you want. Reading a book a day would be too much for me. What I usually do is choose the book fitting the topic and explaining why. I usually add quotes from the book and/or some excerpt of my review. Anything really. Others only choose to publish the cover and title as they want it light. I know it will be much work again but I’ve done three daily challenges so far and I loved it! It also usually gest many comments and that’s also the point of blogging: exchanging our opinions and chatting about books.