Hi dear friends,

Time for our weekly wrap up and chit chat. As usual I am linking this post with The Sunday Post meme created by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer

But first things first: I owe you all an apology as I am struggling to comment back, reply and like. See below why.

Let’s get into private life first …

I have been playing with Freddy’s words in my title because the one biting the dust is ME!

I’ve been back to work this week and it’s been brutal. I ended Monday with a pounding head and I slept poorly. On Tuesday I was so slow and sluggish that I ended up taking an Ibuprofen around lunch time.

Some will say one pain killer is nothing but I try to avoid taking them if I can. We are too quick to make it a habit and mask the real problem with pain killers.

But I had to finish work and be somewhat efficient. Miracle, once the pain abated I was Super Sophie again.


Tracking down mistakes and holes in projects no one had seen before. This is a true story by the way as it’s what happened that afternoon. My colleague was discomfited and I told him had we had that meeting in the moorning while I had my headache I wouldn’t have put a stop to his project.

All my colleagues told me that I finally was walking, working and experiencing life as they do every day for years when I was slowed down by the headache. Ha!

Anyway when I came back home late this week I had little energy and had to go to bed early.

Hence my sincere apologizes here above as I wanted to reply to your comments immediately and blog hop much more than I did!

I had a conversation with my boss telling her that I need to slow down for a month or two as I am too far gone right now with: work, teenage/young adult crisis, my dad’s death, my mom to advize etc.

I’ve led everything for around 19 years now, being always the driving force when everyone had crisis but now I feel that my limit has been reached.


So I plan to relax and if I can’t always reply the same day so be it. I will still comment as often as I can because I love your posts even if I have to take a step back some day to go to bed early.

I hope you’ll still follw the blog 😉 


Last gloomy note today or rather tantrum: who has said that raising kids is easy? That when they become adults it’s easier?????? Maybe once that they have their own place but let me tell you that a young adult man under your roof while he is trying to decide and lead the dance that’s certainly not restful!!!!


Now on a BRIGHT TONE because I don’t like to be all doom and gloom: I just booked my YALC London tickets for July!!!  

And the hotel.

I will go with my daughter while the men will hold the fort.

And before that date, I’ll attend RARE Paris in April (tickets, hotel and train all booked). I signed as volunteer as my mom won’t attend the event with me but go her merry way through Paris and asked to be helping an author (with being plurilingual and all…).

I had to mention three authors and I chose: Emma Scott, Suzanne Wright and Tillie Cole.

Honestly I hope I will be chosen to attend Emma as we chat quite often and it would be great to seat the whole day with her and just help!


On the blog (click on the graphics to read the post)

I have reviewed four books this week! And read two more with the review being published next week…

Honestly my year begins on a really high note as far as reading is concerned.

Binding 13 and Keeping 13 by Chloe Walsh. It was the first time that I read that author but it won’t be the last! She wrote two contemporaries YA totalling 1800 pages! But I was never bored and I never thought some pages could have been cut.

The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson was my first read of the year and just amazing! This is an ARC and won’t be released before July but really I recommend this one as a must read for 2019.

Fool Me Once by Nicole Williams was a good read, the one that you can read in one sitting.

In the Top 5 Tuesday I wrote a fun (I hope!) post about what are my reasons to read. Honestly many participants had great intake!

I bypassed the I Heart Characters hosted by Dani @fromawritersperspective and I am truly sorry but as I said above life is a little too much right now to do everything that I did earlier. I hope to get back on the saddle one day.


First Impression Friday was back as I was just beginning a book The Wicked King!

Discussion post about my last part of the long list of most awaited books of 2019.

And a reading challenge! Yes you’ve read it right: I am organizing a reading challenge with Angelica, my partner in crime from Collectors of Book Boyfriends. You can enter and will be so welcome LOL

Pfew that’s it for this week!


On the blogosphere and the bookish world

Sam discusses about plot and their absence of that does not bother her. I so agree with her on that! Characters first for me!



Kristina is chatting about finding inspiration for posts. handy if you are in a blog slump!



EpicReads had a fun test about “What would your unfortunate superpower be?”

Just click on the graphic to be led to the beginning of the test and have fun!

Now it’s your turn! What have  you been up to?

Thanks for reading!




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    1. Thank you Caro! I hope I’ll get my book signed because last year the queue was so long that I never got to meet her!

  1. Sending tons of hugs your way! I hope that this week is much more peaceful for you! And YES! Raising kids in the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Granted mine are 8 and my 5 year old is almost 6, but goodness gracious some days it takes our all. Sending hugs, love and strength way!

  2. AHH!! Thank you very much for linking my post xx it’s been a while, and seeing a post of mine down your list just made me go “!!!!”

    Kudos to you to know when you need to take a break ! Being the “backbone” always for when others need it, it’s kinda hard to take time for yourself, isn’t it ?
    My work has been kind of a shit show aswell.. everybody seems to be taking their leaves and well.. we were already under-staffed to begin with ! From my year of 15hours/week at the sexshop.. im so not used to working this much anymore x)

  3. You totally got me with Freddie from the start. I love Queen, they are the best!
    I’m sorry you have been stressed at work lately but I’m sure this week will be better!
    Have a good day!

  4. Aww, hope you are feeling better soon! It’s plague season, so take care <3
    I try to avoid ibuprofen too cuz it makes my stomach hurt. Kinda defeats the purpose, getting rid of one pain to have another…

    Oooh, two bookish festivals! Nice 🙂

    1. Yes!!! I volunteered as author’s assistant so as soon as I know more I’ll tell you and you can come say hi Astrid!

  5. Oh man, that’s definitely a tough week. But you really should put your health before anything else. No one would scold you for putting the blog aside a little bit, especially when most of us know how life can be painful! I do hope you’ve been taking care of yourself lately, Sophie! And that you’ll have all the energy you need for that trip of yours! 😉

  6. Oh, Sophie… I feel like we are on the same wavelength lately. First with the loss of our fathers and also with reaching our limits. Mine was back in early/mid December. I got up one morning and thought, “I absolutely cannot keep going. I am DONE.” That night at dinner I had a meltdown and told the husband how I was feeling. I was exhausted, I was overwhelmed and I just had nothing left to give. The year had included my father’s illness, his passing, house hunting, a move, the sale of our old house, and working full time throughout it all. I barely took any time off at all. I took a day off and went in the next day and told my boss I was taking off that Friday as well as the week of Christmas. Thankfully he is so understanding and knew what the year had held.

    On the bright side, you have the book events to look forward to! And hopefully things will be much calmer and you’ll be in a better place by then. Hang in there, my friend!

    1. Oh I am sorry to hear that you had your meltdown Tanya but I am not really surprised. That’s great that your boss was understanding! I hope 2019 will be kinder to both of us really.

  7. You need to take care of yourself. The blogs will be there, when you have more time and energy. How exciting to have two conventions booked. I haven’t been to one since 2016. It’s only a 40 ride for me to BEA/BookCon, I just don’t like going by myself and with my daughter so far away, I have no partner in crime. Your reading challenge sounds fun, and I know I will be trying to do it.

  8. Your week sounds like mine was. Brutal at work and a headache kept haunting me. I have some prescription strength ibuprofen that I save for bad days and used some of them. It did the job too. I’m so excited about your trip and I know you will take picture to share!!!

    My Sunday Post

  9. I am in awe of people with kids. I BARELY keep my own life together. I simply couldn’t be responsible for another person. And, I teach HS kids-I know what a pain in the rear they can be! But yay for RARE in April! I’m so jealous!

  10. Yay for YALC (and RARE)! Sounds awesome. And yes sometimes you need to take a break or take a step back, especially when you’re used to running things and taking the lead. I hope you get a chance to step back and recharge a bit! Life can be so stressful.

    Queen are awesome. It was good to hear that again. 🙂

  11. Hey, Sophie, sorry to hear you are exhausted with so much stress at work. I do hope you find time to pamper yourself and slow down enough to try enjoy life. Do take care of you. ❤️

  12. Wow, you have had a crazy week and I do plan on joining the challenge during my break. I haven’t been to a convention but I am going to try to go next year to the one by me in NYC. We shall see. My most unfortunate superpower would be to read peoples minds. I don’t want that one at all. It must be horrific knowing peoples dark things…Ughh god no. Have a wonderful week! =)


  13. Is this a reader convention, Sophie? And in Paris?? With Emma Scott??? I’m so jealous, lol. Seriously though, I think this time away will be good. We all need a break now and then. Hang in there {{hugs}}

    1. Well Jennifer I currently do it on the weekend and in the evening when I have a day off work the day after!

  14. I think you made the right choice to pull on the alarmbell! I hope life treats you nice the upcoming months and I wish you (already) lots of fun at RARE (I don’t even know what that stands for I’m ashamed to admit) and YALC (at least one I know but then I read your blogpost about this one last year too)! Take care Sophie!

  15. I hope you get some rest and can relax! But I do agree with you about the painkillers. I don’t want to eat them and usually end up whining about how my head hurts etc. But I just don’t want to stuff myself with painkillers every day because of some headache.
    I’m also a little jealous about YALC. Maybe some year I will attend as well. 😀
    And for the kids. No one without kids doesn’t seem to understand that it’s not all just smiles and happiness with them. That sometimes it just feels like I’m taking a vacation from them while I’m at work. They just roll their eyes and say “it can’t be that hard.” Well it is. 😀 I love them but I also want them to grow up and do their own things. But at the same time I’m a little scared of the time when they get out there with their friends or move out. Maybe I’ll keep them here with me until they are at least 30 years old.

    1. Hanna I don’t think you’ll keep them till they are 30 because at some point they get a mind of their own and just need to show their authority! So ..clashing!

  16. I can relate to young adults living under my roof…long past the expiration date. I think that time has finally ended, and they are now entrenched in their own homes and adult lives. But one never knows!

    Enjoy your week, and good luck on the stepping back. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. Everybody needs to step back a bit once in a while. People will understand and no one is going to hold it against you if comments slow down. 🙂

    I’ve never been to a book convention… I should do that. I think I might add that as one of my goals… Probably for next year seeing as things sell out so quickly and there isn’t too many (that I’m aware of) in the UK and US based ones would take a lot of planning, lol. Paris would have been ok… Hmm.