Hi dear friends,

First I’d like to say sorry because yesterday and today I haven’t be able to follow, like and comment due to a girls night out and the kids activities.

I promise to catch up tomorrow but I have so much to plan. May will be so busy!

Second I’m late for my April wrap-up but better late than never right?

This time I will only focus on the books I’ve read and reviewed  *busy bee remember?*!

Withour further ado, my reading month followed by my favorites. Click on the graphic to read the review!

Contemporary adult

It was emotional, hot, sweet and angsty. I loved reading about these two but I was always wondering: is it really possible to love someone like that, with that obsession and intensity after all these years? To make love with passion and abandon several times a day every day?

Color me sceptic but I don’t think so. Now the beauty of fiction is that..it is fictional! Recommend it?If you are a fan this is undoubtedly a must read! 4 stars.


It was fun, light, sweet with no dead moments. 4 stars


All ingredients seemed presents to make me adore this story. If I enjoyed my read, if the writing is not at fault I still did not fall completely in love with it. 4 stars.


Personal rating : 2,5 stars

Smut’s fans rating : 4 stars

So it’s already said: I don’t read smut. Off Limit is pure smutty read as in: let all your beliefs and reasoning outside. This is the land of insta love/lust, of overbearing alphas wanting to impregnate the woman who showed two seconds before at the door, of unreasonable little minxes.


Recommend it? If you are Penelope’s fan certainly and if you are not a fan already and were to frightened to begin with her series with bullies or twisted characters this is the perfect way to enter her universe! So yes I recommend it! 4 stars.

This story is not only a romance. It relies on a grave historical background distilled with small brush strokes.In a relatively short read Emma Scott managed the high feat of showing the aftermath of war. This was paired with the inner conflict of doing what’s expected of you instead of what you really aspire to do. All wrapped up in a lovely romance! If that does not deserve praise I don’t know what will satisfy you!

4,5 Stars



This book is essentially character driven. And what fabulous characters!

The purpose of the story is about a path you have to walk. It’s about the twists that cruel mistress we call Fate can impart upon you.
It’s about resilience and second chance.
How you choose to react to grief and loss. Faced with trauma you have a choice. Either wallow in your pain forgetting everyone around you. Blaming fate or others. Becoming angry and bitter. Either trying to go on. For others who love you. To honor memories. LJ Stock’s writing flowed effortlessly. I was not reading a story I was living another’s life.

I cried buckets once more in the train and of course just before work when I was all doled up with mascara and all.
I smiled. I swooned. I hurt. I rejoiced. In one word: I felt. 5 emotional stars


Young Adult Contemporary and Fantasy/PNR

3,5 stars

Now you should read State of Sorrow if you love:

– books with flawed characters. Not all-powerful heroes but rather ones questioning their ability to fulfill the task at hand. Characters making mistakes.

-star crossed lover stories. With one of the lovers clearly being more in love than the other. With one of them making mistakes and hurting the other just to regret it;

-plot with twists. I had not only one or two but at least four twists in the story. You will go from revelation to revelation. Saying not everyone is who you think is the understatement of the year;

-stories happening in imaginary world. One bright, colorful, joyful and filled with magic. The other dull and battered needing to breathe again.

4 stars



I would say that Jamie tackled very difficult topics with an absolute mastery in the storytelling. When you’ll reach the end of the book you’ll realize that Jamie spoke about a very sensitive and not so well-known topic in a realistic and skilled fashion. Recommend it? Without a doubt and please go on with the book, don’t DNF because you’ll miss the whole purpose of the story. 5 stars and more.

I consider April a great month as I have read 10 books when my goal is around 8 a month!

How was your month? Any favorite you’d like to share?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great Wrap up, Sophie! I’m glad you loved the State Of Sorrow! I’m so looking forward to read All the little things! Hope you have a great May! 🙂

  2. Honestly, I’ve been so busy with uni work that I haven’t posted a lot recently and my commenting back has being sporadic for the last couple of months (minimum). I figure none of us should apologise for having lives outside of blogging. 😉 I also only read one novel last month… Here’s to doing better in May!