Monica Morgan is off limits. 100% untouchable.

Too bad I didn’t know it when we met.
We were just two people in a club, drawn together by chemistry.
Hot, SIZZLING chemistry.

Imagine my surprise when I find out she’s my new boss.
Now that we work together, she’s determined to keep it professional.

My problem? I can’t forget the night we met.

I know there’s a sexy siren under that prim and proper exterior. She tries to bury that side of herself away, but I want to be the man to show her it’s okay to be professional AND sexy.

I’ve felt the magic we can make when she loses control.
Because I’ve already touched her. And I want to do it again.

Warning: This book is recommended for readers over 18 years of age.

An ARC has been provided by the author in exchange for an honest opinion.


For lovers of sweet romance


This gives you an idea of the feels this book made me experience:





3,75 to 4 sweet love stars


This brand new author with her first book has created a sweet story perfect for romance lovers.


It’s been really easy to follow Max and Monica in their budding relationship. This is one of these books that takes you by the hand, immerse you in a bubble of pink and leave you with a smile by the end.

If you like dark, twisted and complicated stories with traumatized heroes this won’t be your cup of tea.

If you’re an angst junkie if you can only read stories with twists and turns at every page following a rocket pace that’s not for you either.


If you’re a romantic;

If you like doctor / nurse stories;

If you like the female character slightly older than the male character;

If you like your male character to be a real great guy the one you would introduce to your mother and have your babies with because you know he will hold your hair while you’re puking on the toilet;

If you like a little bit of forbidden love but not huge taboos just more socially touchy;

If you like your stories real with relatable characters (the guy and girl next door) filled with small details about the MC’s work, their hobbies, the little things they would do for each other ;

If you don’t like angst and just want one or two twists in your story to keep you interested and not bored out of your mind


This is your book.


In a nutshell: Monica is Max’s boss and they’re attracted to each other. Monica is work driven for years now and has no time to date. It would also not really set a good example in the ER or at least the gossip machine would work full speed. What should she do?


“I’m not sure I have time for a relationship, Max. My life is the ER. I work long hours and am on call frequently. I don’t know what you want from me exactly. Do you want to…date me? Have sex with me?”



What was faultless:


Max. I usually love alpha in stories but Max was a refreshing change. He is the epitome of the great guy. He helped his mom, took care of his sisters, worked hard to have a nursing degree while helping his family. He was considerate with Monica, maybe too much when he asked for permission (just go for it mate!) never pushy nor disinterested. Perfect with kids and old ladies alike. He was very good in bed and with a hot bod. So nothing to throw away.


The story setting. I loved all the details about working in a hospital, the pranks some doctors played, some patient’s misfortune (first scene LOL), the woman shelter, the side characters…


What I would have slightly changed or expected:


Monica was a very relatable character BUT I could not stand her bowing to her father or caring more about what her coworkers would think of her relationship with Max than Max himself. I guess that’s what the author aimed for but I was very frustrated with Monica and wanted to shake some sense in her from time to time. When you have an incredible guy pinning for you just go for it and be proud of him being your boyfriend! I know she’ll redeem herself but in the meanwhile I wanted to have a good talk with her. I know she is a fictional character but still…


I personally would have loved some more thrill or angst. I can’t stand angst overload either but just something to make me fume and cower and… I’m complicated just ask my hubs! But that’s my personal taste and this story is perfect if you’re looking for uncomplicated and sweet.


So would I recommend this book: obviously as it’s meant for true romantics and romance lovers. You’ll even adore the ending! Not a bad work at all for a first book.


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    1. Well its was her first book and I really enjoyed it. We’ve got to help new authors too 😉