Hi dear friends,

Ttoday is top 5 Tuesday at Shanah @bionicbookworm and it came with a shocking realization: I AM EASY!!!!

Not an easy lay mind you *or not that I know of* but an easy reader!

I was thinking about today’s topic the top 5 hated tropes and then went perusing on other’s post to get inspiration *I know that is totally cheating * but I came up blank!

Or nearly…

Do you hate when a gorgeous girl never realizes that she is beautiful? Always downplaying her looks? Being totally clueless and “What? You find I am pretty?”

Yes? Well not me.
I can really believe that someone is insecure about his or her look. And no that’s not fishing for compliments when you are sincere.
If you happened to have been traumatized while young *say you were the only redhead and had been called carrot top whole your childhood by cruel boys* you would stay insecure.
One hated trope less.


Do you abhor the unexpected hero?
The lost heir or the one having hidden power. You know that guy who will suddenly be tasked with saving the world?
Well I am thrilled by it!
What? I could one day maybe but probably never save the world? Where do I order my cape and small shorts?


The hero meets the heroine and wam bam madame IN LOVE! At first sight! You already roll your eyes. Unbelievable!
Well I am swooning and sighing with stars in the eyes. I am a hopeless romantic, what can I say….
Hear that noise? It’s called the “hate that trope” crashing.


What? The female MC always wins, even bare handed and opposed to ten trained killers? Oh PUH-LEASE! She can’t be that badass! It ‘s not humanly possible.
Well you know what? I don’t care if it’s technically possible. I am a firm believer of the girl power and love kickass heroine. It is exhilarating and gives me a rush like none other!
You should see me right after chopping cucumber and carrots with a very decisive move and a big knife! Ha! Take that evil cucumber! You won’t stay green for long! Here comes kickass Sophiane *because of course I have an exotic alias*!


Damzel in distress needing to be always saved by the hero give you nausea ad eternam and make you rush to the nearest toilet? That girl has no power at all!
Well I choose to swoon over the protective and so romantic hero with a golden heart!


The only exception is love triangle. I HATE love triangles with a fierceness that knows no bounds! That back and forth the “I love him but the other is so perfect and…” is grating on my nerves!
I read some months ago one of the most beautiful books: Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott…with a love triangle!

I realized that my hard line is pretty thin. As long as the book is well written I am a happy reader. The only thing I can’t stand is bad writing and loosy editing.
Oh and yes unnecessary drama!
But that’s not a real trope is it? When a good adult discussion could make 70% of the book useless I call it a waste of my time.

See I am pretty easy to please if you do your job correctly and give me:
-beautiful writing;
-unforgettable characters;
-incredible side characters;
-smart plot;
-right pacing;
– some heartbreak but not too much;
-some angst but not too much;
-something to learn and ponder upon;
-life lessons;
-a pet because I love animals;
-a quest even if personal;
_ a gorgeous cover;
– a chai latte with soja milk…wait what?

Easy right?

And you are you easy or do you passionately hate some tropes?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Haha, I totally agree with you Sophie 😀 Though I hate love triangle and insta-love, there are books which I loved instead of having those tropes 😀 So I can’t say that I totally hate those tropes? I mean I can’t really hate a book just because of those tropes if the story and the writing and the characters, basically everything else is good.

  2. I’m exactly like you, or if possible I might be even easier I like most books I read <3 Really the only trope I don't like is love triangles, but, like you, I have exceptions to the rule so its not even a hard line!!

  3. What a great post! I’m with you in that I enjoy most tropes, but they have to be done well. Second chance romance was always my favorite, but they seem so underdeveloped lately that all I can do is yell ‘gah!’ LOL The only trope that I have an aversion to is billionaire heroes. Unless it’s an author I already know and love (like Sarina Bowen’s Brooklynaire – LOVED that one!) I just can’t do it. I won’t even try them anymore.

    Thanks for sharing! This was such a fun post!

  4. haha I just love this post here darling. And I think that if a trope is written well I will Enjoy it. Of course I have my favorites and all. But I really don’t mind the damsel in distress. Because one I love a honest good to the heart and soul hero. And I think it teaches that we can’t always do everything on our own, sometimes its not a bad thing to be open to accept help if needed. Insta love I don’t mind if its written well. Because it does happen. My parents had a insta love relationship. (They got engaged after six weeks of dating–Met in March and got married in June) and still together and happily too. So I think some authors can write those less likable tropes so well and you enjoy it even if you don’t think you will.

  5. LOL this post cracking me up! I’m also an easy reader, I don’t mind tropes as along as they are beautifully written!! I do hate love at first sight because the last book I read with said trope is I’ll Give You the Sun and its so bad I hate it.

  6. I love your posts! I am an easy reader too. I usually dislike love triangles, but I have read a few books where I was like “oh gosh, I love all the options….I get it!”


    Thanks for a lovely post, I always enjoy reading what you write! (Also, you meme game is on point!)

  7. There are not many things that bother me either. So, I am also part of the easy reader club. The only love triangles I struggle with is when they pit family members against each other. Other than that, they don’t bother me.

  8. Even though there’s some tropes that I really dislike, some of them I can handle if the rest of the book is good. But I don’t think I can ever love insta-love or love triangles, it’s an instant turn off for me haha!

  9. Yes !! me too !!
    I don’t really have any hated trope or even hated characters; anything float my boat if it’s done well ! also… we’re kinda guilty for “only a week in and saying i love you already” – many despice it alot – but ehh.. granted we were talking before but me and Alex only went to ONE. date. and he asked me out xD so.. although some find it not realistic, it is perfectly fine to me.

  10. I am also an easy reader. I don’t even mind triangles. I do prefer of course great writing. I hate some of these books that just splash a bunch of implausible, unbelievable things and expects you to just go for it. I like a good story that yes maybe the heroine or hero can be a bit badass. =)