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Yesterday in the “top 5 Tuesday” the topic was about Naked covers. I teased Shannah (bionicbookworm)about this calling her obssessed and a pervert and she replied she expected me to post about naked men on covers.

Who am I to disappoint her as at Beware Of The Reader we aim to please our followers!

So today Shannah this is a “special treat for you” and some of my favorite “Naked men Covers” now, now I’ve kept it bare chests only as I don’t want to traumatize the kids!

On our FB Group (Beware, Book Boyfriends Alert)  I even organized a little contest where people get to vote for their favorire covers!

Feel free to comment below with your favorite!



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    1. Yes Olivia I love it hot sometimes! The Gravity of Us is a winner based on all the reactions below 😉

  1. I’ve gotta admit, bare-chested covers are it or miss with me. Some are seriously drool-worthy… and some are pretty cheesy. LOL I’ve always loved the cover of The Gravity of Us, though. Not only is it a gorgeous photo, but his pose seems to hint at plenty of angsty goodness.

  2. Spot on Sophie! I also liked Rebel Heir and Midnight Blue – haha! Sometimes I wish there weren’t so many, and I get stressed out when I don’t think the cover is handsome or isn’t anything like what I picture the hero to look like. What do you do then?

    1. Oh yes they both were ripped!!!! And that’s disturbing if the “dude” on the cover does not fit the book description!!! Can’t unseen LOL

  3. Some of these covers look fake like I can tell where their chest starts and their waist ends lmao. But I like the tattooed ones the best