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In my private life

Happy Sunday!

I am back from my holiday in the South of France, more precisely near Saint Tropez and ready to get back to work tomorrow!

We had a perfect holiday with lots of sun and the weather was not too warm either. Just the prefect temperature to wear shorts and go swimming!

Our vacation home was spacious and clean, located in a place with three swimming pools!

The biggest surprise were the frogs! Not in the pools mind you but in a very larg pond. I never realised frogs made such noise at night! It was a cacophony but it added to the charm.

I went to visit places were I stayed as a kid, we also visited Grasse and Fragonard, visited charming villages, old castles etc.

Here are only a few pictures of our trip.

As usual for my Sunday posts, I will leave you with some reels posted these past weeks. Enjoy!

So are you nice or.. bitchy nice? LOL

And this one is about being you in all you uniqueness.

Last posts on the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

Since the last Sunday Post, I posted only two reviews, because of said holiday!

Not in Love is the hottest book written by Ali Hazelwood and an excellent romance!

And That’s Not My Name is a very very impressive first work and an excellent thriller!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. The South of France looks gorgeous! Love your photos, Sophie! The lavender, the bougainvillea, and the pretty! Yes, frogs are loud! Even the tiny ones! We have a bunch here that love to make a lot of noise as soon as the sun starts going down, but I think it’s charming as well. I enjoyed Not in Love more than I thought I would! Hope you ease back into work after your vacation. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. So happy to hear you had a lovely time. We used to stay in upstate NY (farm country) when I was a kid. My parents liked to get us out of the city for a bit, and between the crickets and the frogs it was a symphony.