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Today in top 5 Tuesday Shanah @bionicbookworm wants us to give you our top 5 authors with their names beginning with the letters F to J. That can be a first name or last name. This is part two of this month ‘s Top 5 Tuesday Alphabet challenge!

As I did last week I  just had to twist it!

So I added some spice  and decided to choose teams and pitch them agains each other!

Each team has romance or woman’s fiction authors as well as YA author. They all share the same first letter in their first name (or name if I can’t find one). From two to three, max four authors. I have read them all!

By the end of the post, you comment with your winning team! Slight difference from last week: I try to imagine the kind of story each team would produce!

Let’s the battle begin!

Team F : I am pairing Fredrick Backman, Susan Fanetti and Francesca Zappia.

It would make for a very  no nonsense story with acute character study and inner conflicts. Add personal growth to the mix. Contemporary of course!

Team G:  Allying Ginger Scott, Glendy Vanderah and Gayle Forman.

What book would you get? I vote for a YA/NA romance with artists or athletes. Add an element of mystery to the mix and moving characters. Ugly crying too!

Team H: The big guns here! Helen Hoang and Holly Black.

I bet on a story with many layers, complicated atypical characters and a deep unexpected romance .

Team I would see Ilsa Madden Mills and James Islington.

I can see James Islington convincing Ilsa to write a whole series with plenty of characters. Like a saga. Ilsa would add some anti hero and romance to the mix.

Finally: Team J: I should say The Fantastic J :-D  Jewel E Ann, Jennifer L Armentrout and JayKristoff.

Jewel and Jay would be a power house and I can see them plotting furiously, taking us on insane adventure with plot twists you never saw coming. I bet they’d laugh evilly at us! Add mandatory sarcasm. Jennifer would be in charge of the drool worthy hero, expected bad boy and supernatural element.

That’s it! Now who do you think would win today’s battle?

Thanks for reading and lets meet next week for a new battle.


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  1. You’re torturing us! I love love love Jewel E Ann and everything she writes so it’s hard not to say J but I think Team H is a powerhouse

  2. As soon as I saw Team H I thought, oh yes, this is the one. But then I saw your pairing for Team J! It’s Jennifer Armentrout! How am I supposed to choose? Can I go with Team H/J? LOL

  3. Holly Black is amazing. I added her to my list last week. I’m so curious about Aurora Rising, though. It’s already on my e-reader I just didn’t have the time to read it yet.

    1. I hope you’ll give it a chance as it was amazing! Plus hot alien looking like a space fairy ;-)