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Today in top 5 Tuesday, like the past two weeks,  Shanah @bionicbookwor wants us to give you our top 5 authors with their names beginning with the letters K to O. That can be a first name or last name.

I tweaked the challenge and decided to choose teams and pitch them agains each other!

Each team has romance or woman’s fiction authors as well as YA author. They all share the same first letter in their first name (or name if I can’t find one). From two to three, max four authors. I have read them all! I will also try to imagine the kind of story these authors could write!

By the end of the post, you comment with your winning team!

Let’s the battle begin!

Letter K: I pair Kate Stewart with Kristen Ashley and Karen Mc Manus!

Of course, it would be a mystery with one Alpha leader expressing himself through grunts. Very protective of the female character. But Kate would add unexpected depth to his character like a hidden fragility or a love for knitting…something to make the male character unique! Of course, chances are high that he would be either a biker, an actor, a jock a ….

Letter L: Pitching Leylah Attar, Laura Thalassa with Leigh Bardugo.

And the world would explode! So it would be a fantasy NA or adult. An epic story with grand gesture. Let’s have a broody and mysterious hero, a whole crew of misfits and add to this a clumsy heroine with a knack to fall into weird situation. She would be wise but funny.

Letter M: pairing Mia Sheridan and Margaret Rogerson.

Aaah a paranormal or fantasty story with a main male character either shy, either suffering from a handicap but good to his core. The heroine would be stumbling into the story and falling into a devious plot without meaning to! Kind of a collateral damage but she would rise to the occasion and find unexpected skills to survive and defend those she loves.

Letter N: Let’s associate Nalini Singh with Jennifer Niven.

What would a bipolar or psychotic angel be like? He’d need a strong female character and their story would begin as a friendship or necessary association to evolve into an unexpected love story.

Letter O: Michelle Obama with Lauren Oliver.

I bet on  a fiction that would feel like a non fiction by its realisme, a dystopian!. The heroine would be from a poor family but really smart and determined to leave her mark on the world. She’d meet the male character in an apocalyptic world in need of change. They would soon be a formidable duet, able to set this destroyed world back on track.

So what do you think of my teams? Who would you vote for?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. This one’s tough. I kinda like Team M because A Sorcery of thorns looks so badass, but Lauren Oliver and Michelle Obama seem like a kickass team. And McManus has me thinking Team K a little bit… but I’ll go with Team M!!