Happy Friday and welcome to my third post for my annual Blogmas of 2023!

The category chosen today is: historical fiction!

The books mentioned below might not have been published in 2023 but I have read them in 2023

5 stars

Amy really impressed me here! Yet since I follow her from the beginning, I shouldn’t be so surprised by her talent!

A Girl Called Samson is an impressive piece about history! And for Amy’s fans, history comes first, romance second in this book. Yet, the romance will certainly more than satisfy you.

A Girl Called Samson is about so many things!
It’s about finding yourself and your voice. Following your dreams, as unlikely as they might seem.
It’s about freedom. Yearning for that freedom and equal rights for everyone.
It’s about indenture and slavery.
It’s about war and how it tears families apart, shatters hopes and changes men and women alike.
But it’s also about found families, friendship and romance.
And it’s about faith and scriptures.

I was so engrossed that I read it while walking in the woods. I just couldn’t stop reading. And I drew astonished looks when I began to cry as some losses felt heavier than other losses. I just was smitten and awed by Deborah’s story.

Thank you Amy for enlightening me once more and for opening my eyes to all the blessings I have while walking through an extraordinary woman’s boots!

5 stars

Welcome to 1920ies Virgina were State laws were of low import and what was followed were the local laws passed by men like Duke Kincaid.
People are poor and survive paying their rent in “whisky” or rather, moonshine to wealthy Duke Kincaid.
Prohibition you said? Oh well, that law was voted by greedy politicians, far away from the small people. The sheriff is Duke’s brother in law so if the Duke is getting paid in moonshine, no one will make a fuss.

Enters Sallie Kincaid, the Duke’s second daughter from a second marriage.
She was a little girl when she was cast out, sent to live in a poor house with her aunt Faye because of an honest mistake that nearly cost her baby half-brother’s life. It was just the occasion for her mother in law to get rid of that rambunctious daughter who reminded her of the previous Missis Kincaid.

Sallie will grow up being a strongheaded girl, with a big heart and a spine of steel.

For two days, Janette Walls made me live in rural America of the bootleggers, where tough times needed tough people like Sallie and where you took care of your family and your people the best you could, even if you had to skirt the law and fully live in morally grey territory.

This was an excellent historical fiction and I know that I’ll read other books by that author.

Have you read these books? What was your favorite historical fiction of 2023?

Thank you for reading!


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  1. I just loved and adored the Amy Harmon too!!!!! And Deborah made my list of top heroines of the year. She loved her sense of duty and patriotism and courage. Definitely need to read more of this author in the upcoming year!