Happy day 2 of Blogmas!

Today I will choose my favorite LGBTQ read in 2021!

I have read several of them but one read really stood apart: Lore & Lust by Karla Nikole

It’s a PNR LGBTQ romance with vampires but what made if very different was that the characters were kind and sweet!

We are far from the overpowering vampires.

Karla Nikole has written two charming characters, powerful yet delicate too.

She als portrayed very well the cultural nuances of Japanese and Italian people.

Both vampires Haruka and Nino have gone through traumatic events in their past and chose to live as hermits if possible.

When an official work will have Haruka contact Nino for his help, they will get to know each other. Slowly, cautiously yet tenderly.

I loved witnessing their relationship bloom into something beautiful, tender then..spicy!

That story had a dream like quality. A softness to its tone. It was all round edges, friendship and tenderness. So far from he usual vampire stories!

If you are looking for something different and sweet, just go for it!

What was your favorite LGBTQ read this year?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve never heard of this one before – but, it sounds intriguing! Charming characters are really the best characters.