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Once I will post this I’ll go catch up with all of you as I have been quite neglecting my blogger’s duties due to work and… Christmas!

Today I’d like to talk about the best plot twists I have read in 2022 and I have two winners!

The first one is The No-Show by Beth O’Leary

Have you ever read a book out of order? Beginning with the beginning then after some time, having a peek at the last page because you are fearing the worst and that it won’t be your cup of tea?
Then stopping to go read some friends review because you HAVE to know if what you are fearing is true or not and if it’s worth reading?
After being somewhat reassured, your resume your read but after some time, cheat again and read the last chapter of every POV?
Then , because you ARE reassured and think that, in fact, THIS IS GENIUS, you go back where you left and finally read the rest of the book in order?

No? Only me??

Because that’s absolutely what happened to me with The No Show!

If I had to rate it based on the plotline, on the concept, on what is REALLY happening in the book and based on the characters and how they are incredibly well fleshed out? Then I’d give it a five stars. At least!

I’d say that Beth O’Leary really shocked me. She was devilishly smart in her plotting and incredibly brilliant in fleshing out her characters. Go in blind but if you need reassurance like I did, read some spoilers or just…read out of other to settle your mind.

The second book is Morning Star by Pierce Brown, even if the whole Red Rising series is outstanding!

I died several times while reading!


That’s the word that comes to mind when talking about the conclusion to the (first part) of the trilogy!
I am certain that my blood pressure must have been through the roof several times while listening to that book!

The last chapters or rather from chapter 58 were completely crazy! Loco!

Pierce Brown took me for a spin there and when I say I must have died several times well of course that’s figurative but not so far from the truth. I was simply blown away when I discovered Pierce Brown’s Machiavellianism !!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am glad that you enjoy Beth O Leary, I do hear she does good plot twists. That Pierce Brown looks so interesting though.

    Great list! Hope you find some fantastic plot twists in 2023. I always love it when an author can bring those out so flawlessly for the reader especially when you don’t expect it.