Happy Wednesday and welcome to our first day of Blogmas 2021!

As stated some days ago, I will post 16 times in December, talking about my best reads of 2021 all fitting some categories.

You can see it as my personal awards if you want 🙂

You also are invited to join in on the fun! Post about your own favorite reads this year (these can be books published prior to 2021 but read this year) and use the hashtag #Blogmas2021.

Also, leave a comment below if you posted and I’ll come visit and comment!

Today we begin with the best romance book read this year!

I know I should choose ONE winner but you’ll see that I often fail and choose two or three winners! What can I say, it’s hard choosing!

I came up with two winners today!

The Songbook of Benny Lament by Amy Harmon.

Amy writes amazing romances! And even if I read that one very early on in the year, she blew me away so much that I gave it 6 stars!

I wrote:

That book pulled at all my heartstrings. My dad was a huge fan of The Platters, Ray Charles, The King, and all the singers and bands from that period. I have been raised listening to these singers and reading about them felt like connecting with my father. It was a fabulous gift as he left us two years ago.
I also think that Amy did a brilliant job at recreating the atmosphere of that period in time. I was in these clubs listening to the bands and watching through a haze of smoke while mobsters talked business. I witnessed the birth of Motown and wanted to know more about that success story. I raged at the unfair treatment people of colors got and couldn’t help but think that if things evolved, USA still had a long way to go.
“I thought people segregated themselves because they wanted to. Chinatown, Little Italy, Harlem—it didn’t occur to me that many people didn’t have an option.”

To conclude this very long review, I’d say that Amy made me fall head over heels in love with Benny and Esther’s story right from the first sentences. I would recommend that outstanding book a thousand times.”

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood is also on the Goodreads Awards!

That’s pure random honestly. Or maybe not as I loved it so much, same as so many of you!

I wrote:

Is the hype for that book deserved? Totally.
Do you get a brooding hero, prickly with everyone except with the heroine? Yes.
Is he drop dead gorgeous? Well with his eight packs and dark hair and rare smiles, I’d say yes!

Is the heroine a sweet scientist, totally clueless about her charm and living on her planet alias lab? Yes
Does the heroine has a big heart? Well considering she fake dated Adam so that her best friend didn’t hesitate to date her ex, I’d say yes!
Does the heroine sees herself as asexual? Yes?

Is the whole book platonic or fade to black? For a lonnng time you don’t have action between the sheets but once you do, you’ll need to take a cold shower.
There might be or not a sex scene with something physically impossible though or that at least left me baffled and wondering if it was possible! Did it affect my enjoyment of said scene? No! I still needed a change of clothes after LOL

Is it a slow burn romance? Absolutely. Veeery slow but also veeery charmin, and romantic, and cute and hot and funny and…

Just read it if you love romance, you’ll thank me later!”

What is your favorite romance read this year?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. OK! Serious catch-up time! I think you’ve convinced me to add The Love Hypothesis to my TBR. It sounds super cute.