Happy Saturday!

I am posting a little bit later than planned because my day has been hectic!

Looking back to my reading year I want to talk about illustrated books or comics!

Maybe you know it, but Belgium is renowned for it comics and illustrated books! Think Tintin and the Smurfs but also Blake and Mortimer, Thorgal and many more!

Since being a kid I read many of these books and then, come adulthood, I stopped! But this year thanks to hype I went back to reading some of these and… I have been blown away by two of them!

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman (see yesterday’s post for more details).

The drawing is nearly childish and the colors pastels but it fits the tone of the story perfectly! Filled with tender moments and good intentions, it’s a breath of fresh air!

The second one is the Lore Olympus series by Rachel Smythe!

With its dual shade of pink and blue its sets the tone of the story. Here again, the trait is simple, not a lot of details, just angles, planes and curves but I really packs a punch! Behind that seemingly simplistic appearance hides serious topics like rape, abuse, manipulation etc. All while having Hades and Persephone’s budding love story unfurl!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I didn’t know Belgium was the reigning crown for illustrations, that is awesome. Illustrated books are all the rage haha I do like the ones you listed though, those books have good illustrations on them. (its the ones with no faces I struggle with as they are creepy to me lol)