Happy Friday!

So some of you have noticed that I made a mistake in the graphic and hashtag, calling it “Best Reads of 2023” instead of 2022. Sigh! Thank you Tanya and Stephanie for noticing what my overworked brain could not!

It’s now corrected , graphic and hashtag so…. we are moving on LOL

On this second day, I want to talk about my favorite LGBTQ reads of the year! Bonus point if they are charming.

I have two winners today that tick all the boxes!

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman is so hyped that I bet you have heard about it!

When I wrote my review, I just said “heart melting”.

Because that’s what that book did for me! Melt my heart. And this is also one of the very few book whose TV adaptation is a resounding success! If you haven’t watched the show, just do it! You’ll end up with stars in your eyes. And it’s so true to the book!

“I thought… I just really liked you as a friend… a best friend… because, like, I want to hang out with you all the time and I just love everything about you… but I kept wanting to… I don’t know… hug you and hold your hand and then yesterday, when you suggested it, I- I really wanted to kiss you.”

My second winner is The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle by Matt Caine!

This is way less known and yet deserves all the hype! It was like a hidden gem to me, with an older hero but that story was delactable, charming and enlightening!

It was heartwarming as well as heartbreaking at times. Certainly enlightening about the LGBTQ condition in England around the seventies. A little bit swoony. A little bit sad and bitter. But through it all extremely well balanced, surfing flawlessly between a myriad of emotions.

I don’t often read books with older people as main character but I am so happy that I gave a chance to that story! I wish I could find more jewels like this story!

Honorable mention to two books/series that I reread this year and adored as much as the first time (you’ll see them later in the month)!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love seeing this list here, always on the hunt for well done LGBTQ books. I do know lots of readers have really adored Heartstopper. I did love Wolfsong though, and need to read more of his other books.