Today is Sunday time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week . I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer . 

In my private life

Happy Sunday!

I am still running on fumes!
My dog is still drinking a lot and …peeing a lot too, waking me up every night several times a night for…one month now!

We went back to the vet to have some blood exams and everything is good which is great yet…puzzling!

I talked to my neighbor who is teaching veterninarian science at university and who has the same breed of dog as mine. In fact, he is the owner of my dog’s half brother!
I knew that he had experienced similar problems for two months with his dog and I went asking (praying) for help.

It turns out that it was a corticoid injection he did to his dog that caused all the drinking and urinating.

As my dog also got an injection some three weeks ago, I’ll contact our veterinarian to see if it was corticoids or not…

Fingers crossed that we have the same problem as I know it shall pass!

That being said, the only notable thing that happened to me was being insulted today on bookstagram and called a “homophobic” because I recommended gay and trans romance but not sapphic books!
When I confessed that I tried to read some but that they were not my cup of tea, the person told me “I am homosexual and I am telling you that you are homophobic”.

Charming right?

And me explaining that I have lesbian friends, that I explained to my kids from a very young age that they could love who they wanted and it was perfectly fine as long as they were loved, cherished and happy did nothing to change her mind.

I guess that some people simply don’t want to listen and talk with you.

They just want to judge, based on very little facts, and go insulting others.

Yet God knows that I am many things but a hater!

OK enough of being a Debbie Downer! There is many great things in my life and one of them is us having a three days weekend! So yay!

Also me being finished teaching colleagues and having the last “batch” of colleagues so enthusiastics that I promise them that I would visit their office and they could ask me all the questions they want!

On the blog: May Wrap Up (click on the graphic to read the post)

May was a great reading month! I read 13 books and reread 3 books the All for the Game trilogy by Nora Sakavic!
I still loved these books as much as the first time!

I have two favorites that will make it to my top 2022 and one new series for you! Strangely, all were audiobooks!

The series is Renegades by Marissa Meyer and the standalones were The Maid by Nita Prose and Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Read and like the books you like. Don’t people that sink to a low level of name calling get you down. Name calling is on a low level for a reason. It straight out childish.

    Hop your dog gets better and you gets some sleep.
    Have a great June reading month.

  2. I can’t believe someone called you homophobic. Obviously they don’t know you at all. I guess when you put yourself out there you’re eventually going to run into the bad as well as the good. :(

  3. I hope you’ll find out what’s wrong with your dog soon, so you can help them and get some sleep again!
    Also, so sorry to hear you were insulted on Instagram! Some people really seem to find joy in attacking people for nothing… I hope you won’t let it get to you <3

  4. Ugh, so sorry to hear someone gave you such a hard time on Instagram. I think some people are only happy when they’re attacking others. I hope you have a great week and that your dog’s issue is soon behind you.

  5. I am sorry about the thing on IG, people can be ass***e! And I hope your dog would feel less thirsty soon (and that it was just a fluke and nothing bad!! )
    Also, I have to read the books you mentioned… I have them all on my radar, so I really hooe to get to them sooner or later!

  6. There is no making everyone happy, there will always be someone that will criticize what we read or do,. I don’t think your homophobic at all, just be who you be and know you have support and love!

  7. I’m sorry about your dog and how tired you are. I hope the problem get resolved soon.

    Also, everyone likes different things, even gay people. I don’t think you’re homophobic. You can’t please everyone.

  8. Oh no I hope your dog is able to not have that problem soon! Poor thing… and you also!

    I love that cover of Lessons in Chemistry :)

  9. I hope the dog-peeing situation sorts itself out soon, so you can get back to sleeping through the night. And I’m sorry you got called out on IG; that’s not fun. I wish people would be kinder, and less swift to judge. After all, it could easily be that the reason you couldn’t get into the sapphic romances you tried is that something about those specific books — the plots, the characters, or the author’s style — didn’t appeal to you.

  10. Sorry to hear the dog is still peeing so frequently. That is a bummer. But its great you have someone close by you can ask!! I have always been hesitant to share LGBTQ recs because people can be so judgemental. Hope this week is better!

  11. I’m sorry you are getting all the wakeup calls. Lulu has still been barking a bit but calmed down mostly. Losing sleep is not fun. Also people who judge are not fun. People don’t know you, be kind. I have The Maid from the library to start soon and Lessons in Chemistry just came up from the library hold but I pushed it back a week. So I am glad to know they are great reads.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  12. Sorry you were treated like that on IG. I feel like people are allowed to like what they like. You will never please everyone. Fingers crossed this passes with your dog. That’s a lot of sleep lost. All three of my libraries have a wait list for The Maid, but at least I know I can get it at some point. Sounds wonderful!