We are slowly getting close to the end of our best reads of 2022 and today is about science fiction!

I have three winners today.

Two have already been on the spotlight: Iron Widow and Red Rising!

And my third one is Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson.

Brandon Sanderson took us on an adventure worthy of Spensa’s Grandma ‘s stories of heroes of old!

I never would have imagined something like that in a series about spaceships and science fiction!

Also, Brandon Sanderson is the best at creating amazing crews and side characters you want to bond with!

Spensa has changed so much. Maturing, always daring but less hot headed. She will do a real work on herself here, strengthening her powers. Spensa was brilliant, reckless and generous. She will be faced with temptation too, the opportunity to realize her wildest dreams, to rest and take some time for herself. And the temptation was real to forget her path and be a little selfless.
I confess that I had cold sweat thinking that she could stop there!!!!

Mbot truly astonished me! He becomes more human and it was so funny seeing him discover emotions and trying to name them, even swearing once!

Chet, a new side character that will accompany Spensa along her journey was an adventurer, an explorer.
He had swagger and old-fashioned manners.

The pace was perfect.
We have lots of actions, space skirmishes, exploration and self exploration.
Lots of twists and surprises in the story too!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I JUST love seeing a Brandon Sanderson on your list! He is such a wonderful person and author (did I tell you my dad knows him and works with his wife? yeah they are awesome people). Glad you loved this one and these books made your top list for this category.

  2. I am pretty sure my daughter has read Brown and Sanderson. They were popular with the other WLABBers. I think the only read sci-fi books I read this year were time travel and time loop books. They read like contemporaries with that time manipulation in there. This Time Tomorrow by Emma Staub and See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon were two of my favorites.

  3. I should really push Red Rising up on my tbr! I have wanted to try it for so long now. Cytonic sounds fantastic and I don’t think it’s on my list yet, so I will have to make sure to add it. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂