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It is nearly the half of the month and I confess it’s been hard to keep up with the daily posting due to extremely sad family circumstances.

But as Freddy Mercury would say “The Show must go on”.

Today is a favorite of mine as I get to choose two *yes yes I know two winners again* of my favorite indie authors read in 2018!

I really admire indie authors as they do all the work alone or with the help of a PA but … compared with traditionally published authors who are supported by a whole publishing team there is a huge difference!

Imagine that mots of them have a job and write in their spare time. Then comes the time to choose a cover, ask for beta readers, for editors and formatting. Last but not least you have to promote the book and it’s not small work!

So today is all about showing my love and admiration!

My winners today are ….




Beth Flynn and Pepper Winters!


Beth Flynn truly amazed me with her Nine Minutes series!

I discovered a mastermind. Someone with an incredible sense of suspense and mixing secrets, betrayal, plot twists and love.

I consider the Nine Minutes trilogy as THE BEST MC story that I have ever read so far.

Beth is a brilliant writer but what made the series really outstanding was the incredible plotting and scheming. Trust me if you read it you will be amazed and end with your brain fried.

She followed with The Iron Tiara and Tethered Souls my 2018 read!

Something very important to know about this story is that it is about a VERY passionate man, VERY determined to have his woman and a strong independent but really lovable young woman.

Christian Bear is your dream came true if you love bad boy who don’t have a dark heart but “just” love crossing lines. Christian is hotheaded. That could be his middle name. Christian Hotheaded Bear. How does it sound?

Well he is not only hotheaded and determined he is also hot as in sexy as sin. He’s left a trail of broken heart but he could not care less.

I think I could read the phone book if it was written by Beth!


As for Pepper Winters, I discovered this fantastic author with Tears of Tess and I have read nearly all her books so far.

Her last ones were a duet she published in 2018: The Ribbon duet and let’s say with a huge certainty that she destroyed the heart of many readers in the process.

It was an emotional overload! The topic was taboo and risky yet it worked splendidly!

She got more than 4900 ratings on Goodreads with an average of 4,5 stars for the first book in this duet!!!

Here are some excerpt of my review:

As Pepper said this story is brutal, heart-breaking but somehow uplifting. Ren and Della’s love is all consuming and never ending.

 This story, this love is transcendental. It’s the kind of love that moves mountains, breaks the most hardened heart and makes stones weep. It’s a love that will elevate your soul. Romeo and Juliet’s love will pale in comparison to Ren and Della’s feelings.

This is an exceptional story. One that will maybe test your boundaries and your beliefs. How could two kids survive for so long in the wild? Is it even possible? Is it moral that they who lived like siblings developed an appetite for the other’s flesh? What should they do? What future could they hold?

Pepper Winters made a choice. A very courageous choice. It’s HER choice and in this she is true to herself and to her characters.

 Life is not a bed of rose. It has ups and downs. When given too much happiness you deserve a dose of despair. It can elate your soul and crush your bones the next moment. That’s what The Girl and her Ren is about.

An exceptional all consuming transcendental story of love and life.

Now it is your turn: who is or are your favorite indie author read in 2018?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I really admire indie authors who do everything themselves as well. It is no way easy at all! I used to read a lot more indie authors but now I don’t nearly as much, and I need to get back to doing that again!! I have heard such good things about Pepper Winters books too.

  2. Sorry for the tough time, Sophie! Hope it looks up for you! ❤

    I have so many but I think one of the most reliable is Sarina Bowen. And Elle Kennedty. And Emma Scott. No wait, it’s mariana Zapata! Or Keri Lake! You see where this is going I just can’t choose.