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Today is a day I waited impatiently as I get to nominate the best fiction authors I have read this year!

Both have already been nominated in another category but they were so good each in his own way that they deserve the title of Best Fiction Author.


The first winner is James Cudney alias Jay

His book “Father Figure” already won “the best surprise” but truly it is Jay who was a revelation.

I know Jay that I will make you blush, again, but I am so not sorry! Truly I fell in love with James’s writing. I was totally immersed in his book and bonded on a deep level with his characters.

He has it all: characters extremely well fleshed out, intricate plot with twists you never see coming, beautiful writing that makes you “be” in the story and see, smell, touch everything like the main characters.

My only regret is not being able to have read Braxton Campus Mystery as I had too many ARCs on my plate and new releases I had awaited for months! But the first title is already on my Kindle and I am not despairing! I swear I will read it before April 2019 😀 

Now James is not only a fantastic writer he also is a fantastic blogger (you know that I miss your 365 days of posting Jay) and a wonderful human being! If you want to know him better you can read his interview on the blog! He had been so generous with his answers *and yes I went a little bit overboard with my questions* that we cut the interview into seven parts published daily!

Here below are the links in chronological order

Interview of an Brilliant Mastermind: James Cudney alias Jay: Part 1


James Cudney alias Jay interview: Part Two. Did you know Jay nearly died at a tender age? No?


James Cudney alias Jay Interview Part 3: Jay the daredevil?


4th post of James Cudney/Jay’s interview…cooking secrets ..no writing secrets!


Drum roll… Part 5 of James Cudney alias Jay’s Interview! Do you want sexy writing tricks? Ok maybe not sexy but brilliant!


Part 6 of James Cudney alias Jay’s Interview: how to build a diabolical plot!


This is the end! Final part of James Cudney alias Jay’s Interview. Some fun today.


The second winner is Anonymous and I am sad to say that I can’t reach him to let him now how deeply he impacted me!

Well that’s not true as he contacted me to offer an ARC of his second book but he contacted me …anonymously duh!

I know it can seem weird to choose someone you can’t really talk to or reach to as a favorite author but his writing was so powerful, so perfect so… that I fell head over heels for his characters and their tragic fate.

I still believe he is a “he” but yes it could be a “she”. Only…the writing feels male. Don’t ask I would not be able to explain but maybe you grasp what I mean.

Anonymous or not he is a force to be reckoned with and I really urge you to read his books.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have answers to some questions 😉 

Now it is your turn! Tell me who is your favorite fiction author read in 2018!


Thanks for reading!





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  1. Hi!

    I am not even sure how to respond. I truly… no… I am… speechless. You can’t tell because you see these words, but first I read your post in a cab across town to visit a friend for a holiday party, and I couldn’t respond. Then I arrived home and started typing, but the words weren’t enough. So now, I try, a third time, to say a simple thank you for choosing me. There are little to no words to express how grateful I am for your support this year. I am humbled by your kindness and friendship, and when I have a bad day, I think of how supportive you’ve been. All seems to be on track again. For that, I say… bless you… thank you… and send you amazing huge hugs! xoxo


  2. I really enjoyed James’ story, Academic Curveball and hope to read more of his work in 2019. I’ve been hearing so much about Anonymous, but haven’t had the opportunity to try his books yet.
    My favorite for 2018 has to be Emma Scott. Her writing haunts me-seriously. I’m totally hooked!