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Do you like cliffhangers? No? Me neither except when I already own the next book. Well today is best cliffhanger day on Best Books of 2018 and I don’t own the next book in my winner’s series!!!!

I am really frustrated as I just HAVE to know what will happen next.

The winner of the day is Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi

I had waited years to have this fourth instalment and Tahereh ended this one on a huge plot twist and a killer cliffy!

I have no idea what will happen next or where the story will go.

Here is how I concluded the review:

” It was angsty! It felt desperate sometimes. And that ending!!!!! Tahere how could you leave us on such cliffhanger!

Please write the next one in 2018!

Ps I know some have issues with this series and pointed very valid points but what can I say? It’s my kryptonite!”

PS Obviously she did not write the sequel in 2018 …


Now it’s your turn: what was your best cliffy of 2018?

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