First of  all today I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas I still wish you a very happy day filled with love and joy. And who knows even present or good surprises even if Santa does not visit your house ;-) 


Day 25 of our Best Books of  2018 and today is best female character!


I love talking about female characters in books and many are just fantastic! If I usually rejoice for badass heroines who often are warriors, today my contenders and my winner are not warriors yet they are strong because they are kind, giving and are not afraid to open their heart to others. Even if they risk being hurt. I think there is a great courage and strenght in accepting to be vulnerable.

Taking the risk to give, to love, to care for others instead of hiding behind an armor.

My contenders and special mentions first:

Mercedes from The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon

She was strong, she was selfless, she was loving.

“Take care of him. Love him. He hasn’t had a lot of love, Cora. You know that. He might be the easiest man in the universe to love, because he expects so little. He expects nothing and is grateful for everything. With a man like that, how could you worry about being enough?”

Mercedes is MY underdog and she should never have been one to begin with. She should have been the main character of this love story.


Ellen Rodgers in Look the Part by Jewel E Ann

Music therapist she is a giver.  Very touchy-feely she lives in the moment has sass and is a bright ray of sunshine.


Yrene Towers from Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas.

Yrene has literally crossed mountains alone to fulfill her dream: become a trained healer. She is a very determined heroine yet warm and sweet to her chore.

She has fear but chooses to face them and that’s real courage.


Kya from Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

If you haven’t read this one yet well you should! Kya was lonely, abandoned by her family when she was a small kid and survived all by herself in a shack surrounded by nature. She was simply extraordinary!


And my winner today comes from an outstanding book from 2018: Stella from The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

I’ve already talked so much about this book but Stella did stand out among all the wonderful heroines I’ve read about this year. It was her innocence, her vulnerability, her fresh and a little bit naive view of the world paired with her utter determination to do better, to be worthy that really won my heart.

Helen Hoang wrote one of the most touching and lovely heroines I’ve had the pleasure to read about for years now.

She gave me the same feelings that I got for Ehd when reading Transcendence by Shay Savage.

It is a rare gift to come across such fictional character.


As you can see many female main characters were extraordinary this year!

Now do tell me who would be your favorite female main character?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Jee the kiss quotient won so many #BestBooksof2018.. thats what, a third nomination? I do agree they indeed are strong though!

    Merry belated christmas, Sophie xx I hope you had some quality time with family

  2. I read quite a few good female MCs this year! I liked that some were just ordinary with no superpowers who had to use their brains to win ie Elena in Future Shock. I do like the kickass paranormal ladies like Kitty Norville too!

  3. totally agree about accepting to be vulnerable! There are many ways a females character can be awesome, besides being badass! I want to read Tower of Dawn even more now! :)

  4. First of all, Happy day after Christmas, my friend…I FLOVE those holiday pics! Second, great choice, I’ve heard so so much about that book and yet I’m almost afraid to read it now because what if I’m the only one in the universe who hates it?!?! LOL!

  5. I recently read The Kiss Quotient and I agree with you. Also I love Ehd! I might need to reread Transcendence again in 2019. I don’t know what it’s about these ‘naive’ characters I love so much.