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Today is the 26th daily post in our best books of 2018 and the topic is best secondary male character.

I don’t know your opinion on that matter but I do think that side characters are very important in a story! They should net be one dimensional or just an after thought. No to me thay are often the cohesive force behind a story. Their relationship and interaction with the main MC give us an idea of what kind of man or woman the main character is. They can make or break a story!

My winner of the day really eightened my reading pleasure as he gave a lightness to what was otherwise a story dealing with heavy topics like depression, abusive parents and suicide.

He really alleviated the mood and was responsible for many fun scenes.

He also was the main character of another book in the series and I loved him as main character too.

My winner today is:

-devilishly handsome;

-always put together, dashing and wearing crisp suits *except when he makes goo goo eyes to his girl and son*;

-manager extraordinaire;

-afraid to flight *I feel a deep kinship with him here*;

-smart and dedicated;

-protective of his band;

-feared and respected in the music industry;

he is Gabriel alias Scottie alias Sunshine (but only Sophie calls him Sunshine)

Haaaa! Scottie my man. He was back in all his glory making fun of John/Jax and being completely smitten by his son Felix. Pure bliss!
Here is Scottie explaining parenting after John failed to calm Felix:
“Scottie and Felix shoot me twin glares. My nerves are officially shot, and I swear I need a drink or to run this adrenaline out. “Holy hell, mate, how do you even know what to do?” “Trial by fire.” Scottie smiles thinly. “Only the strong survive.””

And another one of my favorites in the book, when John confesses to Scottie that he may have offended Stella:
“What do I do?” I blurt out. Scottie gives me a sidelong look. “Invest in a good set of kneepads. I predict a lot of groveling in your future.”

Now do tell me who is your favorite seconday male character of 2018?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I adore good secondary characters! I love when they seem to add as much to the story as the main characters, the setting, the plot. A good secondary characters makes a good book even more memorable. And I definitely like the sound of Scottie! 🙂