Hi dear friends,

Today is a special day as I get to feature my “Best Bloggers” of 2018.

Yet this was a really, really, really difficult choice as I think that you are all special and fantastic in your own way!

Blogging is a hard mistress as Greg said last week.

Blogging takes time and dedication.

It is fun yet it is hard.

Sometimes it is just disheartening when you worked hard on a post and did not get many likes. Or when you have the “blank post” syndrome. Or when you are an international blogger like me and don’t get any physical ARCs from editing houses because of copy rights or shipping costs.

So I think that all of you deserve a fr@@king medal! Yes all of you!

That being said as I promised in this blogmas challenge to choose, as hard as it may seem, I had to select some bloggers today. They are all different and they all have something that is drawing me to their blogs week after week.

Click on the graphics below to visit their blog!


Sam at “We live and Breathe Books”

What I love at her blog is that it is a perfect mix between reviews, memes and discussion posts.

Her Sunday posts are usually filled with links to Twitter giving us some of the most interesting bookish topics. God knows I am really bad at Twitter and she allows me to follow some of the “hot topics”.

She usually has similar tastes in books (that’s sometime eerie really) and mixes “long” and kind of bullet point reviews. As she chit chat about her personal life here and there you can also feel who the person behind the pen is and that’s very important to me!


Dani at “Perspective of a Writer”  

Not only do I love and admire her graphics (filled with colors yet classy and with a “comics” vibe going on) but I love reading her spot on, detailed yet really well “structured” reviews. Then of course you have her incredible creativity and drive that made her create the “I Heart Character” meme with its weekly topics (yes yes Dani I know I have to get back to it and I will promise!).


Lashaan at “Bookidote”  

Because that young man that could be my son is amazing me! He has a sharp mind and can analyze a book like none other! You’d believe it is his job and he followed studies to do it (yet I know his study field is completely different). Because I love the theme of the blog, the graphics with that “exhibit A” and the fonts he uses when choosing a quote (yes graphism is a very important part or my pleasure visiting a blog).

Because he is commenting and not only with a generic “great review” but with something that shows you he really read the post (don’t feel bad if you comment with “great review” I did it sometimes yet I had read the review but was short of time).

Because he made me being interested in all the super heroes comics, something that was far from my current reading interest. He reminded me that I did love comics! My country, Belgium, is renowned for his comic artists.


Raven at “Dreamy Addiction”

Because she writes the best reviews and shares exactly the same taste as mine in books! If I want to know if I will like a book I only have to go see if she loved it!

It is one of the only blogs that I know and follow where you can find reviews only! And some recap of the week or month. No promo, no discussion post, no meme (or I think so). Yet it is really appealing and interesting.

Plus she is commenting all the time and you know how great that is as a blogger!


The orang outang librarian   

Sorry I don’t know her (or his?) first name! But the posts are really well thoughts with a mind as sharp as a knife. She (or he?) does not shy away and dare to challenge some popular beliefs and books.

The reviews are spot on and it’s a perfect blend of reviews, discussion and some meme.

I also love the look of the blog all light yet with splashes of color. The orang outang drawings are something to admire and the choice to rate with bananas adds a fun vibe to everything.


Now I would also pay a tribute to the bloggers below because I am following them and they all give me something special!

Trisy @bobosbookbank for her dedication and loyalty. For her courage and enthusiasm. For never backing down whatever stone life is throwing her way.

Laura @fuonlynew because she is commenting all the time and she makes me shudder and sometimes laugh with her love for horror, thriller, crime and cozy mystery! We have so different tastes in books and that’s great because she makes me discover something different!

Alexandra @alexandrawolfe because she made me discover new genres. Because her blog is bright, simple, easy to navigate. Because her writing is excellent. Because I love her sarcasm and sharp humor! Don’t be fooled she may seem sweet and calm on the surface but there is a world of irony below! And because she is loyal!

Jacquie @jacqbiggar because she is a blogger and a writer. She mixes promo posts, review and recipes! I think every Sunday that I am visiting her blog I get back with one more pound! Because she is sweet and helpful. Because she is a big fan of Emma Scott like I am. Because she is welcoming and upbeat. Because ….

Norrie @readingundertheblankie because she makes me discover other genres that I could love in suspense, crime, scifi and mystery. Because she has a perfect blend of meme and reviews. Because she writes short yet authentic and helpful reviews. Because she comments, often. Because she does not try to bullsh@t you and is always honest, straight to the point.

Mary @stackingmybookshelves because we bonded for personal reasons. Because she mixes promo, reviews, meme and discussion posts. Because she lets herself be vulnerable *what I find really courageous* in her Sunday posts. Because we share similar tastes in books and I know I can count on her to give me pointers to my next best read. Because she was courageous and posted every single day in December for my #BestBooksof2018. Because life can be hard on her sometimes she never quit!

Mogsy @bibliosanctum because she writes really in depth reviews, because she entertains me with her cover challenges and because I am always curious about her books!

Evelina @avalinahsbook.space because she is a driving force in the international blogger community. Because she has some of the best tips about requesting ARCs, dolling up your profile on Edelweiss of Netgalley. Because she has invested tons of energy to have new bloggers being featured on her blog. Because I know how it may feel hard for her but it is all worth it!

Alicia @akernelofnonsense because she mixes reviews and meme. Because she has some of the most interesting reads. Because she is loyal. And because she loves dogs LOL

Sophia @bookwyrmingthoughts because she has some great advices on blogging and testing before updating your blog. Because she has short but fun discussions. Because we have similar tastes in books and I like reading her reviews. Because she is always commenting back.

Shanah @bionicbookworm because she made me discover Jay Kristoff! Because she made me read Honor Among Thieves (that I ended loving!). Because she is the mastermind behind the Top 5 Tuesday and pushes me to write something every week. Because she is authentic, dedicated and writes exellent reviews!

Tanya @girlplusbooks because I love the look and feel of her blog: light, simple, joyful. Because we have similar tastes in books and she made me discover “I’ll Meet Your There” by Heather Demetrios. I just know I will have good reading advices when I visit her blog.


And….many others!

And you? Who are your favorite bloggers?

Thanks for being awesomesauce every day!


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  1. Oh gosh, if I could blush, I’d say I am! This is truly endearing. Thank you so much for thinking of me and to even consider me among those top bloggers! Putting me up there alongside some of those big bloggers too is insane to my ideas! You are just as great of a blogger if you ask me and your enthusiasm can be seen throughout all your reviews and it’s why I enjoy reading what you have to say too! Hope you had a wonderful New Year and that the year kicked off properly for you, Sophie! Stay awesome! 😀

  2. Aw, thanks so much for the mention, Sophie! You are too kind! ♥
    I couldn’t agree more about Sam @ We Live and Breathe Books. I’ve been following her for quite a while and I just love her reviews, her discussions, and just HER! 🙂 And now I’m off to check out the others, too.

  3. Oh, Sophie thank you for putting me on here. You are just a lovely person. I hope you enjoyed the holidays so much. You deserve too! I wish you much joy for 2019 and your family. I know how hard it can be right now. If you ever need anything give me a shout. I will be deeeeeepppp in my school books as I have never taken Microbiology or Chemistry. This is going to be one long and hard semester. Thank you for liking me and my blog. =0)


  4. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in such a wonderful list, I’m honoured to be a apart of your blogging life. Just know that you have enriched mine in numerous ways, for which I thank you. Through you I have found new authors, new books, and new blogs to visit.

    All the best for 2019! ❤

  5. I am so honored to make your list. Thank you for all your very nice and thoughtful comments. Dani’s blog is amazing. Her graphics make me green with envy and her reviews are so well thought out, unlike my fangirl gushing. Tanya is my reading soulmate, so nothing but love there. And I adore Sophia, Mary, Alicia, Evelina, and Laura too. I have to check out some of the others.

  6. What a lovely post!
    I just discovered some blogs here i didn’t know before <3

    I also enjoy Lashaan's posts a lot. Most of the stuff he reads i have absolutely no clue about, and still, reading his reviews is just cool! 🙂

    Thank you for including me <3

  7. You listed some great bloggers out there, but not many I am familar with so I will go out and check their places out!!! I do agree that blogging can be extremely trying at times, but its worth it in the end.

  8. Oh my gosh so many of these… Dani and Sam every time I stop by their blog I find something amazing to read. Laura, Norrie, Mary, Mogsy, Evelina, Alicia, Tanya and Sophia- they are all regular stops for me and all have super blogs. The ones I’m not familiar with I’ll need to stop and visit. 🙂

    Happy New Year!!