“Change often starts with the smallest of whispers. Like-minded people building it up to a roar.”
― T.J. Klune, The House in the Cerulean Sea

Hi friends,

Today is the last day of our #BestReadsOf2020 and we are voting for our big winner!

Our best book of the year.

Well mine is that small, unassuming book whose cover looks like a middlegrade book but that feels like a warm hug : The House in The Cerulean Sea.

I fell hard for that book that charmed me completely. Once I finished it, I had a huge smile on my face and my heart was at peace.


That’s the best word to describe this story.

You know when, once in many years, you stumble upon a book and everything just …clicks? Well that was what happened in this read that was a book club read.

These characters were so moving, charming, cute, awkward and heart-warming. I wanted to take them in my arms and give them big hugs!

Under that lovely surface also hide deep messages about differences, what makes a monster, acceptance, not being defined by our DNA, making our own choices to be good and …so much more!

This book is magical, charming, poetic …. I don’t have enough words to describe its awesomeness!
I just hope that there are many like-minded people who will think like I do, whisper and build up that book’s fame like a roar! 😉


What was your favorite read of the year?


Thanks for reading! 


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  1. I really wanted to read this book in 2020 but I didn’t manage it, sadly. But since the world didn’t ended with 2020 I read it this new year!! And I am so glad to have done so!! Enchanting and heartwarming are the best words to describe it!! ❤️ I have to say that I had some problems with Linus at the beginning, but in the end I loved it!!

  2. I keep thinking this one is MG because of that cover *covers face with hands*. Personally it was FBAA but as a read aloud to my kids it was The Wild Robot and The Wild Robot Escapes….oh my gosh those books were AMAZING.

  3. OMG, I can only agree wholeheartedly with your choice, Sophie! I was nodding fervently throughout your post explaining it’s awesomeness. This is definitely my favorite read of 2020 as well 🙂

  4. Wow! I would have thought this one was a MG book based on that cover as well! It seems like I have no choice but to add it after reading your review, Sophie. It sounds fantastic! 🙂

  5. I have heard the most wonderful things about this one here, This author is definitely on my list. But yes the cover kinda is a bit misleading, but I am so happy to see that this one topped your list.

  6. So many raves for this one and yet, I still feel reluctant to add it to my wish list, I don’t know why. Maybe in 2021, I’ll think about it. And glad you enjoyed it, and that it made you happy. What could be better?

    Sending you and your family all my best wishes for the coming New Year, Sophie. Here’s to 2021 being full of hope.

  7. Ah! My postdoc friend absolutely RAVES about this one! 😀 Unfortunately, it has like a 7-month wait at the library …