Hi dear friends,

It is Sunday already and for what’s become our traditional weekly chit-chat for months now.

I love these Sunday Post because as they are kindly hosted by Kimberly @caffeinatedbookreviewer I get to blog hop to many of you posts and see what’s happened in your life even if I had a busy week (like this week) and could not hop to my content!

So let’s get this conversation started right?


In my private life

As I had announced February will be a very very busy month on the work front! This week I could not work part time as I am supposed to and had to commute every day. We have a hoge project at work and we are in the process of selecting vendors. The project managers planned meetings with experts to meet the vendors and that’s when I attended three days in a row, ending after 6 PM at work and being back home past 8 PM. When you know that I wake before 5 AM I was just beat!


No time to blog hop even on my work day (or I had to do it at lunch time) and my commenting back was way late! Like three to four days later!

I was lucky I had planned for this craziness and scheduled my posts till February 16th (well most of them).

So it was an exhausting week but very interesting too! I love meeting people from other horizons and I got to speak English with them.

I met someone coming from Dublin and asked him if he really was Irish because he had nearly no accent LOL.

That’s when I learned that Irish people from Dublin nearly don’t understand people from Cork or people from the North of Ireland either. See? Even in a work meeting I get people to chat about something else πŸ˜€Β 


Yesterday was also busy as my daughter is in her last year of high school and we visited a campus! I was feeling all nostalgic sitting in these big auditoriums and listening to the university dean talk about how their university was the best and would help morph my daughter into en even more educated and better people!

Seriously the education system has changed so much since my time! Now we get majors and minors!!!!! Just like US.

For my US friends here before we didn’t have a choice. We chose a field of study and all our classes were mandatory and chosen for us. Sometimes you could choose a sub field but not make it taylor made with minors like it happens in th US!

Even now she can study to become a vet and minor in art!!!!! That’s totally revolutionary for us.


It got just real tense as my daughter and hubs went to bicker hard about her staying in a dorm while she could drive or take the train every day as it’s not that far. As they are both stubborn and hot headed I was the middle woman, once again…

But I know everything will get smoothed out …eventually.


On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

Only one review this week but I’ve read and scheduled three other ones (Wicked Saint by Emily A Duncan; The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros (yes I got the ARC) and Becoming by Michelle Obama (review will be published tomorrow)).

Back to my review I loved Slayer by Kiersten White!!!! It’s different from her other books more playful somehow but I had a fantastic time reading it.

Monday was about our books by favorite black authors and I chose ….Michelle Obama!

On the top 5 Tuesday I had to think really hard because the whole month is about Potter Houses!!! I am so bad at these kind of things. And my kid was mean because she refused to help me out!

Now we get to speak about my main event for February the Love and Romance Celebration!

I am so so so happy with all the authors and bloggers who answered my call as many published somthing personal or new just for this event. If you didn’t have a look already here is the day! Pushy? Who? Me? Noooooo! Just over enthusiastic πŸ˜€Β 

On Sunday Tanya “Girl Plus Books” talked about her favorite romantic songs


On Monday Aleatha Romig wrote a love letter from Nox demetri to Alexandria Collins. Just for this event!!!!

On Tuesday our fellow blogger Alexandra Wolfe shared the song she fell in love with as a kid!


On Wednesday romance author Leylah Attar gave me a scoop!!!!!! Quotes from her WIP to be published this summer! No one has no idea what the book is about so I felt really blessed! And she was so generous to add a 14 USD Gift Card (giveaway closed now…)

On Tuesday this was a very emotional post for me. Trisy “Bobo’s Book Bank” went out of her comfort zone and wrote a post about her wedding. For one day the blogger morphed into author. Thanks for sharing with us Trisy! Stay strong girl.

On Friday author Kate Stewart shared with us her own personal love story and how marriage is a commitment.

And yesterday it was my partner in crime on the Facebook group Angy from “Collectors of Book Boyfriends” who talked about where love is.

Emma Scott will be on the blog later today!!!

See the week was really busy and for me really great!

As I had no real time to hop I can’t share any of your posts here below but if you are proud of one of your posts this week, please leave a link and I will link to it next Sunday!

Now do tell me all about your week please and I’ll do my best to comment back later today and tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!




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  1. What a week!
    I thought visiting campuses is an american movie thing. Haha πŸ˜€ I was wrong! It’s actually quite cool.
    Hope you have a more chilled week this time πŸ™‚

  2. My husband’s mum and siblings live in Ireland and his sister is just in the process of choosing a university and I can’t believe how different it all seems from when we went… And we only graduated 10.5 years ago! It’s not that long but it’s all went very weird.

    When I went to uni, I was about a half hour train ride from the city (then 10 min from the station) to home but I chose to live in the dorms and then later a flat in the city. For me, uni wasn’t just about the learning but the experience and growing up and looking after myself. I wouldn’t have had those elements if I’d stayed home… But would have had less student debt and clocked more study hours if I wasn’t working to pay for living in the city! lol
    I hope you all find a solution for your daughter that works.

    I really want to read Slayer. πŸ™‚

    1. Nicci that’s that experience that my daughter wants too. And I can totally understand! I just hope we’ll find a place in the dorms too.

  3. Wow that does sound like a busy day! I hope it lets up soon for you. Good luck with the college stuff- that can be intense!

    And interesting too about the university differences- I didn’t know they used to be different.

  4. Oh, my. I know all about busy weeks. As my kids graduated out of high school (youngest graduated last June), I honestly thought my days would be less busy. Boy, was I wrong. Dammit. lol Hang in there. It’s gotta slow down at some point, right?

  5. Ooo ouch. You’ve had a rough week and I don’t blame you for feeling beat. Take it easy, Sophie! We’ll stay bombard your blog while you’re busy. >:3

    Ahhh college. That’s fun to decide and I’m sure you will all sort it out eventually. You’ve got a few months left, after all. πŸ˜‰ (That’s not me telling you all to procrastinate, surely.)

  6. Those are some long days you were putting in. I hope you did whatever you wanted to this weekend, because you earned it. A vet and an artist; I love the combination!

  7. Sometimes I think the freedom of picking a major and a minor and the classes you want to take is overwhelming!! If I had been told “ok, you want to study this? Here are your classes” I would have been grateful that I didn’t have to make so many decisions! Hahaha! Living in the dorms was expensive for me, but I met some of my best friends and really grew as a person. I wouldn’t change the experience for anything.

  8. I’m glad you still have a smidgen of time left on Sundays to write your round ups, which I always love because we get a glimpse into your crazy hectic life, and your family. Always a plus. But also, because of all your links to your lovely posts too, Sophie.

    I do hope you get some time for yourself, take care sweetie. xx

  9. God, I know all about the hubs and kid butting heads. Oh lord. We have a lot of that here too. Sorry, your week has been super busy. I hope it calms down some. Listen, you know I am in school and spend most to all of my time doing that. So, don’t worry about commenting back. You get to it when you get to it. Look at me took me over a week or so to get over here. I appreciate that you can – when you can. I love your blog and have to check out all the romance posts. I hope I didn’t miss any! Have a great week!


  10. Oh my goodness. That’s crazy busy, hope you have been finding some time to breathe. Had to read the Irish story to my husband, he always picks on me because I cannot understand them (: wishing you and your family a good weekend

  11. Thinking about college reminded me of those good old days, back when studying and writing papers was the order of the day, along with some protests and sit-ins. I also had a part-time job during the first two years, but then I got married and went to university from my “married apartment.” LOL. That was the 60s, in San Francisco, so there was a lot of activism.

    Now, I have grandchildren in college, and one has already graduated while the second one will graduate in May.

    Enjoy your daughter’s college days…and be glad that she will be close by.

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  12. I know what it means to be away from the blog. I was also, and it sucked, but I have my own reasons. Which are crazy no doubt.
    So, I posted very little. But I have fun when I do. I hope you do also.

  13. It’s so tough being busy at work and gone from your house from 5am to 8pm sounds exhausting! I work mostly part-time and when I have to work extra hours (I never want to) I hate it. Sounds like you planned ahead though. I can understand why your son-in-law wouldn’t want his wife to stay in a dorm. That’s awkward being there for their fight, lol! Hope things settle down for you on the work front!

    I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I should check out White’s book. Happy reading and have a great week! πŸ™‚