Hi dear friends,

It is Sunday already and for what’s become our traditional weekly chit-chat for months now.

I love these Sunday Post because as they are kindly hosted by Kimberly @caffeinatedbookreviewer I get to blog hop to many of you posts and see what’s happened in your life even if I had a busy week (like this week) and could not hop to my content!

Let’s get this show started!

In my private life first


As the title suggests this week has been pretty interesting!

First at work it’s been a frustrating and exhausting week. I usually love when I am right (because who doesn’t right?) but this week at work I didn’t. Months ago I was invited to give my intake on changes and projects. I told people that what they planned to do would not work  and explained what they had to change. They did not follow my advice and now one project has to be stopped because the hierarchy realizes I was right (don’t hope that it will give me a raise though) and the other project raises protests among collaborators because the holes that are left make no sense…as I predicted.

Instead of feeling good I am feeling very frustrated because it could have been avoided! I don’t care if I am right I care if the job is done properly and smoothly!

So yes, I am frustrated….


By the way I will never tell you ‘I told you so!” because I hate it when people do this to me. I will gloat inwardly 😀


Just so you know: next week at work will be hell again as we meet the second vendors for our project and I will be back home at 8 or 8:30 PM several time next week, just able to shower, eat and crash down! So don’t expect much interaction during the week but pre-scheduled posts.


Now on a totally different topic I played taxi driver for our partying youth!


Small joke here I know that in English when someone drives people back from a party because they did not drink they are called DD (Designated Driver) but in French we call them ….BOB 😀  and I know that BOB has a totally different and naughty meaning in English LOL

Back to our partying youth: it was the Senior’s party at my daughter’s high school.

They didn’t organize it at school but in a private club.

My daughter asked me to attend (of course) and asked us if we could drive some of her friends.

Friday night I had three teenage girls home. My daughter had told me that they would bake pancakes and “if I could leave the room when they did” (because of course you are ashamed of your parents!). I ended staying while they baked and ate, playing a musical quizz for them. Ha! Mom is cool like that listening to ” 5 Seconds of Summer”, “Linkin Park”, “Nickelback”, “Nothing but Thieves”, “Georges Ezra” etc. I even made them discover country!

Reaction: “THAT’s country music?” “But it’s good!” (I confess that I was glowing inside thinking “Still ashamed of your mom, hu?”).


Then I drove them to and back from the party, even ending with one more guest to sleep at house (but the more the merrier right?). I had plastic bags in the car as I had no idea how much they drank and did not want to have well ….vomit everywhere in the car but that wasn’t necessary!

Everyone was up bright and early ready to tackle the day just a few hours later.

Except me! I was up early right but I don’t spring back as easily as I did when I was twenty!!! It was a really short night for me and I ended up napping in the couch yesterday afternoon….


Last thing about private life: yesterday I did not blog, I did not open Facebook, I did not ….I just read a book in one sitting!

It was pure bliss because I wanted that book so so much! Honor Bound is the sequel of Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre and it was so good!!!!

Expect the review next week.

On the blog now (click on the graphic to read the post)

This week I reviewed FOUR BOOKS!!! and read one more (see above).

The one I did not really took a liking to was The Dysasters by PC Cast and Kristin Cast (3 stars)

The Risk by Elle Kennedy was a good and entertaining sportsromance that earned 4 stars.

A Pack of Blood and Lies by Olivia Wildenstein was one of these shifter stories very easy to read. Just perfect to have a fast paced and entertaining reading experience!

Then last review with 4,5 stars: On the Come Up by Angie Thomas. Once again Angie Thomas knows how to make a story come alive! The characters feel real, make mistakes, have choices to make, some growing up to do and the story makes you see the world from another perspective.

On the meme front my ordeal is still going on this month with Shanah having us choose reads fit for Hufflepuff characters. That’s when I give my theory about JK Rowling having imagined her own “cliques” at Hogwarts! Beginning with Gryffindors as the “Jocks” etc. 😉 

And a short meme to answer Alexandra’s questions.

You know how we love to gush about our book boyfriends? Well I do 😀  This week I participated in the event: Meet your Next Book Boyfriend and I chose ….Rowan Whitethorn!!!!!

Last but not the least: another discussion post this week about why I think publishing houses don’t have it right in choosing only “big” blogs and why they should broaden their horizon.

On the blogosphere


As Greg told me last week that he liked quizz here are two more for you all!

Epicreads asks us if you could survive Hollywood Lifestyle

And Riveted at Simon Teen offers to find our book soulmate!

That’s it! Now I will try to blog hop this afteroon to visit your posts before “the week from Hell” begins!

Tell me how was your week and I promise to visit back and comment. Just give me a few days .

Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!


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    1. Hahaha yes per chance I am here today! I had a day off but ended up running everywhere like a beheaded chicken! Now I am trying to catch up with the comments! Tomorrow will be back to long long work hours!

  1. I hope this week is a better work week. Yay for naps and good books. I like Elle Kennedy and Rachel Caine. I also drive my daughter. I took her to something today which we thought would be about an hour. It took 3 hours and I feel asleep in the car (where I wait for her) At least it was about 17C or I would have been cold!

  2. So why is it that others refuse to listen to reason and common sense advice? Ugh, it drives me crazy. Especially when so many headaches could have been avoided if people had simply listened. Maybe next time they’ll remember you are the genius among them? 🙂 Hey, aren’t you the cool mom! Providing chauffeur service (even with sick bags), music trivia, sleepovers… I love it. 🙂 If only it didn’t take so long to recover. LOL

  3. Urg, there is nothing more frustrating than when you were right and noone listens and things fall apart. That happens fairly regularly at my work and it never gets less frustrating! Sorry you had to go through that! Hopefully they learn and listen to your suggestions in the future!!

  4. Your week sounds like it was super busy! I laughed out loud at your BOB reference. I think that is such a fantastic alternative to DD. I hope that this week proves to be a little less stressful for you. 🙂

  5. Hahah gloat inwardly 😀 well, at least you get to do that. But I totally know what you mean.

    Lol BOB 😀 what’s the naughty meaning? I don’t think we even have a specific name for this in my language.

    What sountry songs did you play them? Country is such a wide genre, you can basically have pop and rock in it, if you look good enough. You’ll find anything 😀

    Wishing you a great week 🙂

    1. Country that did not “sound” country I played: Brantley Gilbert Bottoms Up, Sam Hunt “Take your Time”, some Chase Rice and Florida Georgia Line Also Lady Antebellum “Need you now”. And a country sounding country: Lady Antebellum “American Honey” 😉

    1. Well yes Mogsy. I hate when people tell me they were right (who loves when someone rubs it in their face right?) so I try to avoid telling it!

  6. I’m not sure I could hold back with the I Told You So. Good for you for not doing it. 🙂

    BOB has a different meaning in English? I have no idea what it is. *snorts with laughter* I couldn’t even say that with a straight face. I totally know what it means. lol

  7. Ooh good to know Honor Bound was good! I’ve looked at that book. And you crack me up! I lover the bit about the plastic bags in case of vomit. Haha! Awesome… 🙂

    Good luck with the work stuff (and kudos to you for being right lol).

    And yay for the quizzes!!

  8. I will never understand why people ask for your input and then ignore it. I hope it all ends up working out though. Glad to hear you treated yourself to a day of reading. It sounds like you earned it.

    1. Well indeed you’d think if they ask for your advice they would listen right? Sadly the world seems different than plain logic Sam!

  9. You sound like my partner, Sophie, when people don’t listen to what advice you give them, which would help save everyone a lot of heartache later. Very annoying. Oh, and the party sounded like fun. At least no one drank so much they needed those plastic bags! Well prepared Mom!!! Ha! Ha!

  10. I’m so sorry you had to deal with all of that at work, it’s frustrating when people don’t see reason until it literally smacks them in the head. Here’s hoping this next week goes by fast and life can get back to normal.
    And I’m LOLing at the BOB and DD reference, such different contexts ha!
    Plus, I love your mom stories! Mine are 8 and almost 6 and I’m so not ready for the snuggling during movies or when they’re sick to go away just yet. This age is so much fun, I wish time would slow down.

    1. Hahaha Jen I think you’ll have more mom stories in the months to come. And just wait for yours to grow some more you’ll be the one telling these stories 😉

  11. Lol, I remember the days when my kids didn’t want me around when entertaining their friends but still needed a driver. Now my daughter and I are best friends. Sounds like you had a fun night being BOB, lol!

    I’m a fan of Elle Kennedy so I need to get to The Risk at some point. Loved Making Faces!

  12. Way to rock being a mom!!! Awesome! Hopefully things at work are better this week. Life would be so much easier if people would just listen to reason the first time. Sigh.