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It’s day 20 in our Blogmas2021 event and today we are talking about character development!

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas

When I read that book early in the year I just knew that Nesta would be my choice!

I never thought one day that Nesta would become my favorite Archeron sister yet, here we are! I don’t know why I doubted Sarah J Maas, she truly amazed me.

That book was fabulous!

that book is a formidable testimony to resilience and rebirth.

Sarah J Maas dug deep into Nesta’s psyche, her past, her trauma.

She and several other side characters suffered from PTSD.

Seeing her and her friends climbing back, step by step, to an improved, stronger version or herself felt like a privilege.

It was meaningful. It was truly inspiring.

There were two scenes in particular, one in a forge, one on a training field where you could feel Nesta clawing her way back to sanity and strength. NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN!

These words resonated deep in my soul and I was crying while walking on the street, listening to the audiobook.


That’s when I realized all the hurt Nesta had to endure.

She endured her mother’s lack of love. Then she was nearly raped in her first life. She was also plagued by the immense guilt of failing her sisters, letting her younger sister, Feyre, feed them and get caught by Tamlin when she should have been the one to help.

Yet Sarah J Maas made me understand why Nesta didn’t help.

She wanted her father to care for them. To get out of his head and grief and finally be a father, a protector. And she RAGED as he didn’t. She HATED that he didn’t “man up.

Then, when he sailed to rescue his daughters and died from it, he told her “I have loved you from the moment you were born.” Can you imagine the GUILT she carried?

Nesta has lived battles. She has beheaded the King. She saw Cassian nearly die in the war.

When you add all her childhood trauma, of becoming poor, of not having her mother’s affection, of having an absent dad… I couldn’t help but feel sorrow for her.

Nesta will begin this story at the bottom of a pit, loathing herself, and that she will have an incredible growth throughout the book.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh my Santa, I need to discover her books. Arielle was always harassing me lol. That should be my resolution next year, to binge SJM’s books ♥.