Today is day 22 of Blogmas 2021 and we are choosing books that made us laugh! And it seems that I really love audiobooks to make me laugh. Maybe because the narrator is adding a little something to my experience?

I have two winners for you today!

Angela Dawe was …killing it! Pun intended of course but she really was the perfect choice to impersonate Finley!

That book is equal part fun and intriguing.

Fun because I think every mother, even if her kids are now young adults like me, will absolutely relate to Finley
 in her struggle to raise alone two little kids: one in diapers and her daughter of four years.

The constant battle to be the best mom you can while your daughter just tried to give herself a new haircut, your agent is threatening to ditch you and your ex-husband’s fiancée is parading like a super model with not a single hair out of place rang…absolutely authentic.

Add to it that your cheater of an ex is vying for court to keep the kids while Finley is crumpling under unpaid bills all while living her life in stained yoga pants and OF COURSE I rooted for Finley from page 1!

It also helps that Finley has an amazing sense of humor, with plenty of sarcasm and witty retorts!

““It’s a widely known fact that most moms are ready to kill someone by eight thirty A.M. on any given morning. On the particular morning of Tuesday, October eighth, I was ready by seven forty-five. (…) I was ready to kill someone. I didn’t really care who.”

Filled with humor, suspense, mystery and utterly relatable moments, that book was a total success for me and I can’t recommend it enough!

I chose to listen to these books and I must add that the narrators do an outstanding job impersonating these heroes!

What you’ll find in this story:

-a mix of “enemies to lovers” and “slow burn” tropes;

-a socially awkward and introvert witch. Isadora prefers hiding in her garden than being front and center in the family business. But I truly connected with her as Juliette Cross gave her substance with her giving personality, fear of driving and love for animals.

-a very hot, charming and bollywood golden son Stygorn! Devraj Kumar was all deep smooth voice, dazzling smile and rippling muscles on a deep bronze skin! Skilled tracker he is like a super cop in the supernatural world. Lover of fancy cars and pricey suits, that will earn him some jabs from Isadora!

-an amazing witch family. I love all the sides characters in that series. Not only Isadora’s sisters but the workers at The Cauldron and … They do make me want to be part of the family!

-a mystery to solve as girls are abducted and their kidnappers have to be found!

-good banter and sizzling chemistry! Devraj is determined to make Isadora fall for him or at least, to have sex with her. And she is very determined to deflect and avoid his interest! But from the start you feel that there is a lot of chemistry between these two!

That story seriously reads itself! If you are in a reading slump, this is a light, low angst and smart read to cleanse your palate and have a very enjoyable time!

Thanks for reading!


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