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Today is day 13 of our Blogmas2021 and we are talking about books with a diverse cast.

We see more and more books with diverse cast and that’s a great thing as it represents our world more accurately!⁠

Well this year’s winner is a book that impressed me a lot!⁠

The Black Wicth chronicles by Laurie Forest

I don’t know why that book is not more known nor why it was somewhat shunned in the beginning but I truly was amazed by the world and the diversity of the cast that Mrs Forest created there!⁠

Laurie Forest has written a powerful and riveting series filled with flawed characters, where good will oppose evil in a magic race to save the world from tyranny.⁠

The diversity does not only come in color of skin but you have different races, magical races, and different kind of love and sexuality as well!⁠

Rarely have I seen a book so diverse as The Black Witch! The diversity in this book manifests in the many different races mingling at university, at the huge magical lore. I also couldn’t help but experience a strong relent of Nazism in the book. Marcus Vogel could be compared to Hitler with his ideas of race purity, race supremacy and later on, the numerous edicts enslaving other races or making it open season for torturing and killing non Gardnerians people or homosexuals among Gardnerians. Many scenes reminded me of the Shoah and I was in tears more than once at the atrocities made to these poor innocent people! I raged! I cried! I wanted to stop listening to the book as it became unbearable to witness these cruelties. But feeling such extreme emotions is also a testimony to Laurie Forest’s talent! She had me completely immersed in her story!

I’d recommend that one to anyone who loves fantasy, action, intrigue, magic, romance, secret, plot twists, conflicts….⁠

Thanks for reading!


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