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OK as the definition of Blogmas is posting every day in December I will use my Bests of 2017 Challenge as an excuse to post every day. Is it cheating?


This challenge will be slightly different as I will only feature one or maximum two books per post as it has to be the bests of 2017.


Rules: it has to be my favorite books that I’ve read in 2017, not necessarily published in 2017.


As I plan a big giveaway by the end of December around the Bests of 2017 theme, just comment or vote or… and I might add one of the featured books that you would have voted for in my choice for the giveaway!


I love YA books you must know it by now. I’m past my teenage years but I love them nonetheless. I think some are real jewels filled with wisdom, lessons and values that can inspire our kids. I’m convinced that I raised my kids thanks to these books. If you read about heroes in books that are loyal, courageous, honest and selfless there is a high probability that your kids will behave the same!

It also is a fantastic bonding opportunity: discussing these books with my kids. I dare say most of their books were recommended by mom 😉


Two winners in YA books 2017.  Both exceptional reads that I can’t recommend enough.


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas because of its topic and the values conveyed in the story.

And because Starr loves sneakers. How can you not love a girl fan of shoes right? 😉

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about the book quotes included:

“This is also about courage and finding your voice. Starr has witnessed something traumatizing. Her childhood friend was killed under her eyes when he did nothing wrong. She’s been threatened as well. She now fears those meant to protect people. Police officers did not play a good role in this story neither did the “white justice”. Starr was the sole witness but telling the truth was dangerous for her and her family. What would I do being in her shoes? Would I be brave and honor my friend’s memory asking justice? Risking my life and my family’s security? Would I stay silent to protect those I love? But then how would I live with a guilty conscience?

“That’s why people are speaking out, huh? Because it won’t change if we don’t say something?” “Exactly. We can’t be silent.”

Starr does not think she is brave as she is frightened. What her parents tell her is being brave is not being fearless but doing the right thing even when we are frightened.

“Brave doesn’t mean you’re not scarred, Starr, ”she says. “It means you go on even though you’re scarred. And you’re doing that.”



Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

I literally fell in awe/love with Jeff Zentner’s writing last year with The Serpent King. Goodbye Days held all its promises. Warning: buy lots of tissues because it’s an ugly cry book!

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about it quote included:

“I’ve heard that people who lose a limb have a “phantom limb,” which itches and senses pain as though their body’s forgotten that it’s gone. I have a trinity of phantoms.”

6 ugly crying stars

Ugh, I don’t know if I was hormonal (I’m a girl so it happens), an easy cryer (might be) or if this book was extremely emotional (undoubtedly) but I cried buckets while reading Goodbye Days.
I was on the train and big fat tears kept falling on my cheeks, along my neck… I was sniffling all the time (how gracious I know). I tried every trick I know: looking at the ceiling to try avoiding the tears; blowing my nose at the slightest inkling of water; chanting “this is not true, this is fiction, Carver/Blade does NOT exist”; telling myself to “breathe in, breath out, blow slowly….” NOTHING WORKED.
By the end of the book I had puffy red eyes and a congested nose. As I read till the wee hours to finish the story I was sporting slits for eyes the morning after and yawning all the time at work.

Jeff Zentner with his Goodbye Days opened my chest, tore my heart out and scattered the remaining pieces all around the floor.

I loved Blade. Fiercely. Protectively. Utterly and unconditionally.

I loved Nana Betsy her strength and generosity.

I loved Georgia she was a kickass big sister.

I loved reading about Sauce Crew and their pranks. I was baffled when I read what happened to Blake and realize he still had not a bad word about anyone.

I loved Jeff Zentner’s writing, so realistic, sensitive and vivid. It hit every cranny and nook in my soul. It made me bleed out.

I loved…everything. I can’t fault a thing in this book. Because it made me feel. »


Have you read these books? Would you want one of them featured in a giveaway? Which one?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Aw I’m glad you’ve found something to bond over with your kids! I wished my mom was as cool and recomanded me books . Ugly crying type of book sounds wonderful I’ll check it out next time I need a good emotional punch ❤.

    1. Yes my kids and I have a blast! I never say no to buying books and my daughter will come with me at a book bash as she wants to meet some of them too 😉 If you want more recs about ugly crying books just tell I have tons! 🙂

    1. Well confession time Trisy: my first was Twilight! I was at my local bookstore and heard that mother requesting the book for her daughter. The way they both talked about the book got me intrigued. It was my first vampire one too! I soon realized that tons of books for YA existed and read The Hunger Game right after and then The House of Night by PC cast and… I was hooked!

  2. OMG Sophie! Why have I not read goodbye Days? You know I’m a big crier!!! How could you not tell me? Haha

    I’m going to make a list in my trusty notebook and call it Sophie’s Best of 2017!!!!!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

    1. Don’t be ashamed Professor (yes, yes I’ll soon get you call that if what Corina said is true ;-)) If you knew how many books I have yet to read that I want that’s not even funny!!!