Most expected book of 2017


Do you stalk your favorite authors just to know when their next book will be published? Have you gotten arrested for your stalkerish tendencies? No?

Me yes!

Well I stalk them respectfully… I haven’t been arrested so far LOL

My most expected books are either sequels of series that I love and that usually stop on a huge cliffhanger (Damned!) or authors I “one click” immediately even without the blurb.

Two winners today one YA Fantasy and one very Adult MC.


Lord of the Shadows by Cassandra Clare (Book number two in The Dark Artifices).

I’m a huge fan of Cassie Clare. I think I’ve read all her books except the ones she co-wrote.

This series is a huuuuge hit with me.

Here is what I wrote about the book (some of what I wrote 😊)

“6 stars!
This is kickass!!!

Let’s get organized and list what I loved in no particular order:

1. This is not about two main characters but about a family! The Blackthorn.

What Cassandra Clare gives us is unique: a rich story evolving right alongside the protagonists, each having his/her own adventure and yet all moving seamlessly right alongside the others. They are a unit, limbs of the same body, united by a fierce love.

2. The characters, their diversity and their relationships

I love Julian. He has a “ruthless heart”. He can be scheming and fierce. He would sacrifice everything for his family. He is their protector. He shoulders a huge weight but his secret will be somewhat unraveled. He’ll be relieved at his family’s reaction. Seriously if you want someone fighting for you I would choose Julian a million times!

As far as trio are concerned Christina, Kieran and Mark will be caught in a hot fairy trio LOL. It’s … complicated 😊

  1. The plot
    All this happening with a recurring threat from the Unseelie King, mysteries to solve, a quest to find Anabelle and a way to solve the curse of the Parabatai.

To sum everything up: this sequel is filled with actions, introspection, complicated relationship, emerging friendship, love, hate, and end on a huge drama. The last book can’t come soon enough! »

You know the worse? It ends on a cliffy from Hell and the third book won’t be published before 12 months!!! Gah!!!!



The Iron Tiara by Beth Flynn

I absolutely adore Beth Flynn! She is an exceptional writer. A mastermind! She writes stories with plot so elaborate my mind is reeling every time. And she is one of the bravest and kindest persons I know. I’ve had the honor to interview her and I can tell you she has a true golden heart.

I was blown away by her “Nine Minutes” trilogy so I couldn’t wait to read this one! And now I’m waiting impatiently for her next book (she gave us some excerpt to read and I need it right now!!!)

Here is some of what I wrote about the book:

When dangerous men look like angels and dark secrets abound…

4,5 “I never saw it coming” stars.

The Iron Tiara crowns Beth Flynn as “Queen of Plot Twists”.

If you follow me you should know by now that I’m a major Beth Flynn’s fan. Her Nine Minutes trilogy really blew me away. If you’ve never read it and are looking for a story happening in the MC world with an extraordinarily solid plot filled with twists you never saw coming JUST READ IT!

I was really excited when I learned Beth was publishing a new book. I already knew it would be about Anthony Bear and Christy a couple we met in her previous trilogy and could not wait to read it.

What can I say now?

-looks are deceiving;

-this is not for the faint of heart as you’ll have very hard scenes;

-you’ll have twists aplenty and the biggest is in the last pages (never saw it coming!);

-this is an unconventional love story;

-if you can’t stand love/lust at first sight don’t read it;

-it was riveting and sometimes I literally forgot to breathe;

Beth Flynn has earned her place in my Best Authors pantheon with flying colors.

Huge bonus in my books Anthony is Uber Alpha! Like Grizz did with Kit Bear will protect his woman. He can be the most frightening son of a b@tch he will be so sweet with his Owani. I LOVE when the big bad Alpha becomes a kitten in the hands of his sweetheart 😉
So this is the unexpected, brutal and unconventional love story of an outlaw and an heiress. You’ll forget to breathe like I did due to plot twists and unearthed secrets. You will also swoon witnessing Anthony’s protectiveness towards Christy and cry some learning what happened to her. And you will pray for a second machete just to help Anthony meting out his personal brand of justice.”


And you what were your most expected reads of 2017?

Thanks for reading!




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  1. I’ve added The Iron Tiara to my ever increasing TBR pile sounds right up my street thanks for the heads up hunni

  2. My most expected reads of 2017 were Seduction by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington, ACOWAR by Sarah J Maas, and One Foot in the Grave by C.C. Hunter.

    1. I need to read One Foot in the Grave Kayla! I looove CC Hunter! Expect her interview by the end of January 😉