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I follow many indie authors for years now and choosing my favorite of 2017 literally breaks my heart. There are so many I love and admire!! But I will feature other favorites this month under Best Romance and New-To-Me Author, etc.

So don’t feel bad if you don’t stand on my choice today as you’ll get your turn very, very soon!

My choice of the day: Amy Harmon and Suanne Laqueur!


Both are incredibly talented in their own way and both are gorgeous women inside and out! As I’m featuring authors I won’t choose one of their books but I will add the links to their interviews.

I’ve been utterly blessed this first blogging year as many authors I admire accepted to answer my questions. I’m always amazed when they follow my ramblings and crazy questions!

If you want to know the reasons why I love these Ladies to pieces just follow the links below!

I wonder what you’ll think of these interviews!


Amy Harmon

She has a grace in her writing that is truly inspirational. She touches me deep in my soul and my heart. Each time I finish one of her books I feel like refreshed and hopeful again. Ready to believe in others kindness.

Find her interview HERE






Suanne Laqueur

She has an intelligent, brilliant and powerful penmanship. Suanne writes like she would go to war: leaving no prisoners behind showing no mercy for her readers. She’ll leave you stunned, out of breath, exhausted but grateful. Granted she’ll leave you with a huuuuge book hangover but … detail, detail 😉

I discovered an exceptional woman. Not only an amazingly talented author but a woman fighting for her beliefs, concerned by what happens in our world, attuned to this world. She is artsy, gifted with her cooking or anything creative and she is absolutely generous. I really invite you to follow her on Facebook you won’t be disappointed!

Find her interview HERE

Now who are YOUR favorite indie authors of 2017?

Thanks for reading.


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