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I told you yesterday that I will get to feature more indie authors I love right? Well today in romance I choose two winners for 2017.

I call Emma Scott (aka ES Bell) and Leylah Attar

These ladies write some of the best romances I know!


Emma Scott or ES Bell when she writes fantasy

I was talking with some blog buddies yesterday and one of them had never read Emma Scott’s books.

When she asked us to describe her stories we answered: Emma writes sweet and romantic stories with an emotional punch and some ugly tears. Her stories also show the characters progress in life.

I’ve been blessed with her interview under her other penname ES Bell and you can read it HERE


Leylah Attar is also the Queen of epic romance!

I fell in love with her writing in The Paper Swan and had a huuge book hangover with Mists of the Serengeti

Leylah not only writes fantastic stories but she loves traveling! I really urge you to stalk her on Instagram as she writes beautiful quotes and keeps posting dreamy reading nooks across the world.

You don’t know her yet and want to know why so many loves her? Or you need your Leylah’s fix? Read her interview HERE

Now who are your favorite romance writers of 2017?

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!



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