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As I read only fiction all my authors could enter this category but we are speaking of the bests of 2017. Today I’m choosing to feature two very different authors but both equally gifted.

Frederik Backman and Beth Flynn

Frederik Backman is a very recent read and it was recommended by Suanne Laqueur.

Well she was right once again as I loved his writing! Frederik Backman does not write complicated plot. He writes about ordinary people with an extraordinary finesse. You ARE these characters. I’ve read Beartown and I can’t recommend this book enough! Frederik Backman started from an innocuous setting and developed his story progressively to reach a crux. Everything exploded and the quiet small town was in turmoil. Passions ignited, base instincts set lose.

The characters that we got to know intimately did some atrocities but as we knew them we could not exactly hate them for what they did. That’s the ultimate gift: making us eat, breathe, love, live with the characters. They become ours friends.

I can read anything provided the characters are well developed and relatable. I want to BE them when I read a book. That’s exactly what Frederik Backman did.

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about Beartown:

“Frederik Backman wrote a gorgeous story revolving around ordinary human beings led by their dreams only to see them crumble and leave them in a state of despair. With an acute writing he weaves a tale of friendships, fights to survive, to thrive in a hostile environment. Humanity at its best and lowest. He swept me off my feet and made me walk for two days in the shoes of these extraordinarily ordinary but exceptional characters.”

Whole review HERE


Beth Flynn is the mastermind behind the Nine Minutes Trilogy and The Iron Tiara.

If you want to know why I love her so much just read her interview HERE

And as I spoke about how characters are important to me, here is just a small excerpt of her interview:

I don’t build my characters. They build themselves. I’ve written characters that I thought had more substance to them (or at least it was my intention to give them some) and I just can’t make them work. Other’s might show up as an afterthought and turn into something bigger than I intended.  Yes, certain characters absolutely have the ability to hijack my story. Little Grunt did that and I did a complete u-turn in his character development. I wasn’t expecting to, but I’m glad I listened to him!”

Who are your favorite fiction authors of 2017?

Thanks for reading and happy Saturday!


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